Twelfth week of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - 6-8 cm, weight - 14-19 g.

During the day, your baby grows by about 1.8 mm and gains 1.4 grams in weight. The placenta weighs about 20 grams.

Starting this week, you can hear your baby's heartbeat using a special instrument called a Doppler. To do this, special sensors are attached to the mother's tummy, which transmit signals to the device, and also amplify the sound. Your child's heartbeat and movement create totally futuristic musical symphonies. The baby's pulse is 130-150 beats per minute.

Your child's brain is exactly like an adult's, only small. The spine and spinal cord are fully formed, important changes take place in the skeleton - bone substance is formed. The baby makes the first breathing movements, and hair rudiments appear on his body - the so-called vellus hair.

Soft and colorless fluff grows in both boys and girls, especially in the area of ​​eyebrows, eyelashes, around the mouth. The baby's liver produces bile, which will later help him digest dietary fats.

Experienced doctors can already determine the sex of a child using ultrasound data. The possibility of a mistake is not excluded, especially if at the moment when you are lying at the device, your child decides to turn to the sensor with his bottom.

Some babies managed to hide in this way until the last weeks of pregnancy. True, many doctors can establish the sex of a child by indirect signs, for example, the length of the hip in boys is usually less than that of girls.

The intestines no longer fall out into the umbilical cord; it is able to digest glucose and sugar. And the little man himself has now learned to swallow and, consequently, to hiccup. Very soon, mom will feel the full force of the baby's movements and the funny sensation of his hiccups.

Reflexive mouth opening is added to reflex grasping. Baby's heels also become sensitive. And from the fingers on the hand, the child can build a fist.

The muscles are not yet very developed and on ultrasound the baby looks skinny - as if transparent skin was immediately put on the bone, through which the blood vessels are visible. But the baby continues to actively train, move in different directions, for which he begins to use the vestibular apparatus. Is it a joke to constantly spin in different directions!

Future mom

We congratulate you, the morning toxicosis has come to an end. Anyway, from this week on, he should retreat significantly. Weight gain from 1.2 to 2 kg is considered normal. Don't worry if you've exceeded the norm: each organism reacts individually. However, try not to load your stomach with sweet and starchy foods.

Some women lose weight. This can be explained both by severe toxicosis, and, on the contrary, by the harmonization of metabolism, especially if a woman was overweight before pregnancy. By week 40, everyone is still getting fat, so do not worry too much about weight gain or underweight if you have no other complaints.

Blood volume increases continuously and your heart starts to beat faster to overtake it. The uterus is already noticeably enlarged (plus 10 cm). You can feel it if you gently feel your belly over your pubic bones. By the end of pregnancy, it will increase in volume to 5-10 liters, and in weight from 70 to 1100 grams.

The chest is swollen and sometimes it even hurts, the waist also spreads. It's time to choose your clothes for the next three to four months of pregnancy. The offers on the market are now quite diverse and every woman can find something to her taste. Usually, when choosing, they are guided by the seasons in which pregnancy falls.

Some women have time to wear clothes of only one season (for example, winter), some fall into two, or even three seasons (winter, spring, summer). We advise you to choose loose-fitting clothing that does not press on at the waist. It is good to have a pair of trousers, four blouses, a dress or a sundress.

Do not forget to buy something beautiful, because you will go out to visit, to parties or to the theater. Choose a bra that is well supportive and does not compress the breasts, this helps to remove the vascular network and helps to maintain the shape of the breasts.

Women car drivers should be aware that it is time to fasten their seat belts in a special gentle way so that in the event of an accident they do not injure their child. The bottom strap should go between the abdomen and thighs, and the top strap over the abdomen. Adjust the tension so that your shoulders do not cut or slip while riding.

And finally, some legal issues.

1) By law, if you register before 12 weeks of pregnancy, you are entitled to a one-time incentive payment. You will receive them along with the maternity benefit. In order to receive money, you need to take the appropriate certificate from the antenatal clinic.

2) With the introduction of the system of birth certificates, in order to receive it, you need to register with the antenatal clinic (LCD) at the place of residence, pay attention - at the place of residence! Even if you are going to give birth for a fee and in a special clinic, it is advisable to register with your LCD and occasionally appear there just for the sake of obtaining a certificate.

It has two magic leaves that guarantee pediatric supervision of a newborn until it reaches 1 year of age. These leaflets are required in children's clinics when the baby is registered. If they are not there, you may have problems that are completely unnecessary (you already have a tense moment of adaptation to life with a child, sleepless nights and other joys).

Currently, ZhK at the place of residence is not inclined to issue a birth certificate, even if you are still pregnant (for example, at 36-39 weeks), but did not register and were not observed with them for at least a trimester.

Maybe in the coming years this situation will change, but in any case, we advise you to find out the question of the necessary papers in advance, while you are still able to go through the authorities. In case of any questions or disagreements with health workers, we recommend using the hotline of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development.

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