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Extremely calm, unhurried, even phlegmatic - this is how men with the patronymic Osipovich can be characterized. They are docile and non-conflicting people, sort things out and enter into disputes, trying at all costs to defend their point of view, not for them. In some issues, they can be stubborn, but at the same time you can always find a common language with them and agree.

Such men in work are distinguished by their clear, responsible approach to business, and developed abilities and a naturally flexible mind allow the Osipovichs to deservedly move forward along the career ladder. Such men make competent specialists in the field of programming, science and technology.

Osipovichi are cautious and attentive people, they do not strive for noisy companies, but prefer to spend time in a narrow circle of trusted and reliable people, because they do not have many friends, but those that they have will never let you down.

Men of this kind of character are extremely restrained in the manifestation of their feelings, do not like to boast and expose their emotions and feelings to the show.

In relations with women, they tend to go over and over for a long time, stubbornly and look for the only one, the image of which they keep in their head, although in the end they often make mistakes, which is why they usually get married several times. In family life, these are neat, economic and hard-working husbands who always pay attention to their wife and children.

Gentleness, accommodatingness, complaisance - these character traits in Osipovna are manifested from early childhood. Such women do not like a showdown and always try with all their might to extinguish any dispute or emerging conflict.

People of this kind can easily take the side of another person, because they do not have their own clearly expressed opinion. Osipovna are naturally vulnerable and sensitive, although they do not like to show their experiences and mental anguish in public, preferring to keep a lot in themselves.

As a rule, these women are smart and capable, but a slight phlegm, unfortunately, prevents them from expressing themselves and working at full strength. Otherwise, the Osipovny could have achieved a lot.

These are enthusiastic natures, inclined to collect various antiques or all kinds of postcards, stamps, who are engaged in photography. These women love to do a lot with their own hands, they do needlework in their free time and they do it very well.

Lacking the desire, and sometimes the opportunity to express themselves at work due to modesty and melancholy, Osipovna's houses become amazing housewives and this is where they find themselves.

Men like women next to whom you feel strong, domineering and at the same time warmed by warmth and affection. Therefore, family life begins early for the Osipovs and, as a rule, develops successfully.

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