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Men with the patronymic Kondratyevich are distinguished by a meek, calm disposition. Such people never ask for trouble, do not seek to stand out, they easily succumb to other people's influence, since they often do not have their own opinion, and if they try to speak out, then they can easily be persuaded and won over to their side.

Such complaisance and lack of confidence in their own abilities prevents the Kondratyevichs from achieving certain goals in life. At work, they rarely reach career heights and can often work in one place for years without striving for more.

It is always difficult to shake such men and force them to do something, before making any headway, the Kondratyevichs hesitate for a long time, weigh everything and therefore often miss their chance.

In large companies, such people get lost and prefer to be silent and not attract attention, relationships with women practically do not develop, which is hampered by excessive modesty and shyness.

The Kondratyevichs feel more comfortable alone, they like to go to the cinema, to exhibitions or to sit at home and watch old films in their free time.

In their personal lives, men with such a character are rarely happy; marriage, as a rule, ends in divorce, which the Kondratyevichs are going through hard and painfully.

However, we must not forget that these are very sincere and sympathetic natures, such men love animals and are very warm towards loved ones.

Kondratyevna - women are shy, shy and quite often unsure of themselves. In large companies, you rarely meet them, because they are closed, indecisive persons who do not seek to attract attention to themselves and almost never express their own opinions.

These women keep everything to themselves, it is quite difficult to get along with people and rarely change their place of work. The Kondratyevna, despite the fact that they are executive, neat and always responsibly approach their business, rarely make a career and do not grow to leadership positions.

These women all the time fly in the clouds, love to fantasize and often build illusions, but at the same time they are far from reality. Before doing something, the Kondratyevns always swing for a long time and, as a result, because of their indecision and lack of confidence in their own abilities, they do not even try to try themselves in something new that could change their lives.

Women with this kind of character are often left alone, but this does not bother them at all, because the Kondratyevna are addicted to nature and know how to occupy themselves by going to the theater, cinema or to an exhibition.

In family life, these are meek, docile wives, listening to their husband in everything, they devote a lot of time to raising children, often pamper them, trying not to deny them anything.

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