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For the Avgustovichs, work always comes first. Do not be surprised if after the end of the working day they are left to finish something, sacrifice their vacation for the sake of a successful completion of the project.

Usually men with such a middle name prefer not to rush in search of a new place, but calmly, confidently surrender to the chosen place and occupation. For this, for their hard work and perseverance, the Avgustovichi are loved and appreciated in the team.

True, their hard work is often limited only to the workplace. At home, they are transformed. Avid gardeners love to relax and work in nature.

Being not evil in essence, they are often offended and annoyed, they can easily lose their temper. However, they are not vindictive, although they move away from grievances for a long time.

Avgustovichi do not lead a healthy lifestyle, they are prone to smoking and alcohol. After drinking, they become noisy, begin to give instructions, constantly argue. In this case, it is better to agree with them in everything.

They love to eat very much, which leads them to fullness. But at the same time, they cook themselves with pleasure. On vacation, a sofa can become an alternative to giving them a summer residence. They love to lie on it, watch a movie or sports, read the newspaper.

The main feature of these women is energy. They are called "whirligig". They are interested in everything new, they must try everything without fear of failures and defeats. After all, for them to sit back is absolutely unacceptable.

Avgustovny are rather self-confident, but prefer to act directly. Workarounds and waiting are clearly not for them. Their friends love them, but these women are hard to get along with new people.

In their work, they are distinguished by hard work. Avgustovny can take on any business without fear of difficulties in implementation. And, having taken up the work, it is hard to stop them, to convince them, as they are quite stubborn.

Be prepared for the fact that they can also flare up and be rude if disturbed. Often they also do not forget grudges. Although they value advice, they prefer to make their own decisions.

August are always big women of fashion. They are always in the center of attention of men, but in marriage they strive to take a leading role, make decisions themselves and bear responsibility, which leads to conflicts. Among them, second, third marriages are frequent.

Although, it would seem, they have everything for a wonderful family life - they cook well, cleaning and washing are not a burden for them. If Avgustovna invites you to visit, know that you will have a great time. A fun and interesting meeting is guaranteed for you.

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