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Franco laws for all jobs.

If you like what you are doing, then you are most likely doing it the wrong way.

Perkin's law

The pat on the back is only a few centimeters above the place where the kick is given in the butt.

Rafel's law of business

The less work your employees have, the slower they get it done.

Chandler's Law

The more crap you are willing to put up with, the more crap you will have.

Mosley's law

Accidents happen in situations where two people are trying to be smart at the same time.

Lampner's law for employees

When you leave work late, no one will notice you. When you leave work early, you will definitely encounter your superiors in the parking lot.

Robinson's Law

The guy you "made" in the best parking spot will be the boss you came to for your job interview.

Otto's law

When your boss casually glances at your desk, you're always doing some kind of nonsense.

Benchley's law

Any person is capable of performing any amount of work, provided that it is not about the work that he should perform according to his duty.

Champin's law

If you are unable to do the assigned work within the first 24 hours, you will have to work in the evenings and even at night.

Harry's law

When you don't know what to do, you need to walk quickly and look preoccupied.

Corridor rule

You can go wherever you want by looking serious and carrying a folder under your arm.

The first law of business letters

Never ask two questions at once in a business letter. In the response message, they will consider only the one that interests you less, and will not write a word about the other.

Post-rise lean principle

After any salary increase, you will have less money at the end of the month than you had before.

Soares law

Heating system repair is a sure signal of imminent warming.

Shadow's Law

An unprecedented streak of good weather will be interrupted by heavy rain that will hit just on your day off.

Thompson's rule for warehousing

To ensure that you have an immediate need for some box gathering dust on the shelf, you need to put something very large and heavy in front of it.

Scott's Law for Copies

The clarity of a copy is inversely proportional to its importance.

Charles Darwin's Law

Happiness is not conducive to work.

Vacationer's axiom

A person always gets sick on the second day of their vacation and always recovers the day before they need to return to work.

Final classification rule

You can hem any paper in the "Miscellaneous" folder.

Herrington's Law

A clean desk is a sure sign that the drawers are packed to the brim.

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