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Meaning of the name

Ninel is a female name of French origin, which gained the greatest popularity in Russia during the Soviet period due to the similarity of the reverse reading of the surname of the founder of the Soviet state V.I. Lenin.


Ninel has a tendency to self-deepening since childhood, is extremely irritable. She is a dreamer and dreamer, a wonderful storyteller, but her stories are not distinguished by their truthfulness - more often than not, they are beautiful fantastic stories with a happy ending.

She has good abilities, sometimes she becomes isolated in the world she invented. Cannot always distinguish fantasy from reality, which serves as a basis for the development of some alienation and complexes.

Ninel usually does well in school if she can learn to control her emotions. She is very talented and artistic, draws well, can show the ability to versification.

Adult Ninel is kind and responsive, but her sensitivity can sometimes cause conflict situations in relations with others. She just needs to balance excessive excitability with at least a sense of humor, this will help Ninel overcome all difficulties and achieve what she wants. She is proud, but not aggressive, arouses the interest of those around her with her rich inner world.

For all her pride, she is not prone to aggression. Rather, it will simply withdraw into itself from the conflict. In general, people with this name are kind and sympathetic, but excessive sensitivity is often capable of exacerbating the situation. Most often he chooses the work of an artist, teacher, art critic.


Dreamy and artistic, sensitive and romantic Ninel has been surrounded by fans since her youth. Having succumbed to a momentary impulse, she can enter into a relationship with a man whom she sees for the first time, if he seems to her like a prince from a fairy tale invented by her.

For some time she is able to idealize a partner, but intuition ultimately triumphs over passion, and at one point Ninel realizes the deep essence of a relationship with a man.

If the partner really has ardent feelings for her, tinged with a halo of romance and adoration, their relationship will turn into an eternal holiday, but if his feelings are superficial and fleeting, Neonila will part with him, although the break will not be easy for her.

After a failed love story, she may withdraw into herself or even become depressed. Fortunately, failures on a love background do not befall this beautiful woman very often.

Having married, Neonila becomes a wonderful wife and mother, she is able to fill the house with warmth, create a cozy atmosphere and become a helper and inspiration for her husband. She is jealous, but does not show her feelings, hides spiritual wounds from everyone, even from close people. He will never make a scandal, he prefers to resolve conflicts in the process of a peaceful calm conversation over a cup of coffee.


Brown, dull silver, pale green, lilac.

A rock

Carnelian, lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign

Gemini, Cancer.


The sound of the name Ninel gives the impression of something feminine, safe, kind, beautiful, gentle, hot, short, frail.

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