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Meaning of the name

Nicephorus translated from ancient Greek means "winner".


By itself, such a set of spiritual qualities can already make the character of Nicephorus quite contradictory, but there is another important point - the rarity and a kind of "common people" of the name. The fact is that the name Nikifor can be perceived by a person as an outdated form from a more familiar name - Nikita, and, as you know, any distortion of the language can cause a smile.

It is possible that others will react quite normally to the name Nicephorus, but he himself may relate to it differently. At least in such cases, a somewhat painful attitude towards one's name, and therefore, towards oneself, is indeed noted. All this leads to the fact that the usually proud Nikifor keeps himself somewhat closed in society, and sometimes even wary.

Cheerful, energetic. Loves life in all its manifestations. Impatient, slow people annoy him. He hates long telephone conversations: he must see a person, look him in the eyes. Easily discards life's little things and focuses on the main thing. Not inclined to lengthy explanations.

The main thing in his character is quick reaction, the ability to grasp the essence of the matter on the go. His lively nature does not tolerate delays in business. He is restrained, reasonable, but you should not try to hurt him for a living - the reaction can be extremely sharp.

It's another matter when Nicephorus is in his usual environment: here his sensitivity can manifest itself much more favorably, and Nicephorus can turn out to be a very sincere, albeit prone to irritation, person. Kind to others, treats relatives with special warmth.

As a rule, he is successful at work. But if you're really unlucky, then one failure follows another. His impatience gives rise to his desire to lead, to do everything on his own. Self-confident, knows how to calculate his strength. On the one hand, his character has inexhaustible humor and a cheerful disposition, on the other, cynicism and irritability.

Most of his life is spent trying to learn as much as possible. He reads a lot, is interested in any information. He has a good memory and the information he needs at the moment can be pulled out of the heap of what he had previously heard.

Benefits from everything heard, receptive to new things. Life for him is boring and empty. He is sociable. Independent. Has an analytical mind. Stubborn, always doing what he sees fit.

A devoted comrade, you can rely on him. A great hard worker. Painfully tolerates indifference to his person, especially from his superiors. He enjoys authority among colleagues, his relationship with them is based on mutual understanding. Always goes towards his neighbor.

It is most favorable if in the process of upbringing Nicephorus develops a sense of humor, suggesting good self-irony. This can save him from almost all problems and reveal the really positive aspects of his character, such as independence, ambition, perseverance, purposefulness, as well as the ability to control himself and an analytical mind.

In public life, he is not always active, he prefers to remain aloof. Likes to engage in scientific activities and is not sprayed on trifles. The intellectual side of life interests him much more than everyday problems.

Oster on the tongue, his main drawback is excessive stubbornness, distrust, the desire to do everything himself, believing that no one will do better than him, and he does not have time to correct someone's mistakes.

The family has a good boss, an attentive husband, a loving father. He tries to keep abreast of all family events, a strict guardian of order and morals. A subtle psychologist, he easily captures the mood of his wife and takes the initiative. He loves to drive a car, tries to do the repairs himself (all for the same reason that he will do better himself).

He treats the family with great attention, there are no trifles for him. He gets married early. Nikifor's son is born. Helps his wife with the housework, but the main burden still lies on her shoulders; he hates scenes of jealousy, crying and reproaches.

Nikifor in the family tries to avoid a conflict situation, prefers to resolve controversial issues by compromise in order to prevent mutual aggression. He looks at things soberly, proceeds from the real state of affairs, and is not guided by illusions. His wife enjoys authority.


He is very emotional, cheerful, good-natured and fair. He cannot offend a woman, is attentive and considerate of partners. He is squeamish, does not tolerate unkempt women, will never go on a sexual relationship with a slob.

In an intimate relationship, the leader, although he can show condescension to the partner and allow her to control intercourse. He carefully studies the behavior of a woman in intimate moments, tends to analyze the relationship with each girlfriend. For a long time he chooses a woman for a long-term relationship, since he does not like the extra hassle associated with finding and changing a partner.

She is attached to the one that meets his requirements, although she does not give her a reason to count on marriage, not wanting to disappoint her in the future. If she makes sure that this particular partner can be his life partner, he makes her an offer, not even for a minute doubting her consent.

It easily lends itself to the mood of a friend in bed, can be playful, sophisticatedly affectionate, capable of making love with a serious look, emphasizing a true relationship with this particular woman.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Nikifor gives the impression of something simple, light, bright, joyful.

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