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Meaning of the name

Monica in translation from ancient Greek means "only", "lonely".


Little Monica is growing up as a rather restless child with a pronounced choleric temperament. She keeps closer to her father than to her mother. She does not give in to other people's influence, she is sociable, impulsive.

She does not like to be teased, usually gives the offender a very active rebuff. He studies well at school, is fond of exact sciences, languages ​​and literature.

Adult Monica is as strong as nature itself. Possesses an overwhelmingly quick reaction and somewhat masculine character. Her dedication, hard work and perseverance can only be envied.

He never relies on intuition, moreover, he considers it incompatible with intellect, and, making decisions, is guided exclusively by common sense. She treats colleagues at work as potential rivals, however, if it is beneficial to her, she is able to abandon her aggressiveness for a while.

Most often, Monica chooses a job in which her natural talent as a teacher-educator is revealed, or, at least, there is an opportunity to teach subordinates. She is impressed by the profession of a doctor, pharmacist, teacher, agronomist, owner of a bar, cafe, restaurant.

Monica is extremely prudent and careful, she prefers that someone else take the first step, but she gets involved in a well-established business very quickly and actively. She is very demanding both to herself and to those around her, friendly as long as it does not contradict her interests.

Friends, relatives and colleagues are wary of Monica's anger. And rightly so! She reacts very violently to the manifestation of aggression and most often forces the enemy to retreat. At the same time, she is very kind and unforgiving, knows how to forgive insults.

Usually Monica tends to be overweight; her body needs iodine, and to replenish its supply, she is advised to use iodized salt and visit seaside resorts. Weak point - stomach, genitals.


Monica is very sociable, knows how to make a good impression and is able to charm any man. Coquetry for her is more a game than an inner need to please.

She does not seek to evoke not platonic feelings in the opposite sex. But this is not at all evidence of her coldness.

Sex for Monica is, first of all, pleasure. In relation to her chosen one, she can show a certain aggressiveness. In choosing a partner, he is guided not by an impulse of sensuality, but by sober calculation.

An exception is Monica, born in the summer, in whose life sexuality is in the first place, and if her husband does not satisfy all her needs, she can cheat on him, not seeing anything reprehensible in this.

In family life, Monica adheres to extremely strict moral rules, she is very honest and decent, attaches great importance to the bonds of marriage. She lives for her husband and children, giving the family all of herself without a trace. She is an excellent housewife, devotes a lot of time to keeping the house clean, and cooks well.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Monica gives the impression of something good, kind, slow.

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