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Meaning of the name

Makar in translation from ancient Greek means "blessed", "happy".


Sometimes a person with such a name looks a little chilly, he is often closed, at least it is difficult to call him too sociable, but Makar also does not differ in the absence of emotions. On the contrary, he has a significant inner strength, which, fortunately, is rarely spent on empty talk and useless daydreaming. Makar is a man of action, which, in fact, is proud of.

In general, most of the Makarov are characterized by significant pride and independence. However, he knows how to forgive and restrain his grievances, while his negative emotions, although they do not have an easy way out, still do not accumulate in his soul, as is noted for many other closed names.

Instead, his energy gets a different direction - Makar uses it to concretely solve the problem that caused the conflict, while revenge is very rarely included in his plans.

In addition, he does not have to hide his grievances also because he usually knows how to stand up for himself right away, preferring to "wave his fists" not after a "fight", but in the midst of it. Nevertheless, after the resolution of the conflict, he will not feel emotional feelings for the offender either.

Restrained, energetic, Makar has every chance to achieve significant success in any career and thereby satisfy his ambitious needs. He quite easily enters the team, and behind his reticence one can often see a willingness to help. Just do not try to use his ability to sympathize in selfish interests.

The character of Makar is also favorable for family life, if, of course, the principles of justice operate in the family. For the rest, you can wish Makar a little more openness in relations with loved ones and a sense of humor. This will help avoid some misunderstandings and life mistakes.

They are capable, but stubborn children with a changeable character. They are kind, executive and sociable, they have many friends, because of whom they often get into unpleasant stories. They are hardworking and non-conflicting, thanks to this they basically achieve what they want.

Born in winter, they are more withdrawn, they are "champions of progress", but few people manage to fulfill their dream. It is better for them not to fall under the hot hand, however, they quickly move away. Silent, more willing to listen to others. They love to have many children in the family, but often the first marriage is unsuccessful.

Makars are good masters. They successfully work as masons, plasterers, roofers, blacksmiths, but among them there are musicians, teachers, and military leaders. They prefer to work independently, without helpers. They do not rush to conclusions and therefore do not make serious mistakes. They are hospitable, but they themselves do not like to visit.


She prefers not too long-term relationships, knowing perfectly well the psychology of women and their tendency to become attached to a man. He does not want to burden himself with obligations, slippery and evasive, avoids explanations. It is easy for him with women who are married or who do not require a serious relationship from him.

At the same time, he is cowardly, and "one-off" connections scare him. He wants to be loved, but not responsible for the consequences. He is very temperamental, impatient in intimate relationships.

He prefers a stable relationship with a partner, whom he has known well for a long time, often and regularly enters into sexual contacts with her: he needs his girlfriend to know his desires and preferences, to take into account the intricacies of his nature.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Makar gives the impression of something good, heavy, courageous, cold, powerful, big.

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