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Rodham's rule

To instruct lawyers to make laws is like instructing doctors to create diseases.

Powles law

Any law whose text contains more than fifty words allows at least one loophole.

Cooper's metasacon

The rapid increase in the number of new laws leads to an equally rapid increase in the number of new loopholes.

Swift's Law

Laws are like a spider web. They are able to catch small midges, but wasps and hornets calmly break through them.

Montesquieu's rule

The wording of laws should mean the same thing to all people.

Defoe's dictum

Law is just the word that pagans and savages call power.

Powell's postulate

The respect that a given person has for law and order directly depends on the thickness of his wallet.

Principles of Ouku Legislation

1. The law expands in proportion to the resources available for its implementation.

2. A bad law will be amended rather than abolished.

3. The laws of society cannot override the laws of physics.

First Marshall's Law

Never let facts get in the way of a carefully thought-out bad decision.

Miralli's rule

Never make a major strategic change based on a vote in which the number of votes for and against is almost the same.

Hellam commandment

Never collude with people to protect them from injustice.

Fuller's rule

The more laws, the more offenders.

Law on legislative activity

The time it takes for a bill to pass through the legislature is inversely proportional to the number of lobbying groups.

Fundamental principle of legislation

Anything that is not explicitly prohibited is permitted.

Andrew Young's rule

Nothing is considered illegal if a hundred businessmen decide to do it.

Untitled axiom

In a ton of laws you will not find an ounce of love.

Berger's law

There is nothing worse than a stupid law.

Sprecht's law

Regardless of what, where and under what circumstances you do, there is always a decree, decree, law or regulation under which you can be punished.

McCandlish's Law

Any justice system in which ignorance of the law is not considered an excuse, but where there are too many laws for any one person to know and remember, is by definition unjust.

Mnrfi law on government

If something bad can happen, it will certainly happen, three times and every time - in triplicate.

Bismarck's sausage principle

Those who love sausage and respect the law should never see both done.

Jacquin's postulate

While the legislative body is in session, every person's life, freedom and property are in danger.

Observations of Martin Luther King

Injustice in one place means a threat to justice in every place.

Juarez's third law

Calling for justice often means demanding that someone else be injured for your own benefit.

Fifth rule of policy

When a politician has an idea, a caesarean section is usually indispensable.

Wilkie's Law

A good slogan can hold back the analysis of the state of affairs for a good fifty years.

Goethe's observation

Laws, like diseases, are inherited.

Todd's political principles

1. Whatever they tell you, they don't tell the whole truth.

2. Whatever they talk about, it's always about money.

Watergate principle

Government corruption is always reported in the past tense.

The Frans rule of stupidity

If a million people believe in something stupid, it still remains stupidity.

Santayana sightings

Fanaticism consists in doubling the effort when the goal is completely forgotten.

Duck's political principle

Any reform campaign continues only until the authorities finish regrouping.

Grove's guiding principle

The legislation is not intended to serve as a guiding thread for a person who sees far ahead. But it must protect the vast majority that do not have this ability.

Spender's lemma

The really shocking thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid.

Horace's political principle

If the vote could change anything, a special law would have been passed against it long ago.

Katz's law

People and countries begin to listen to the voice of reason only when all other possibilities have been exhausted.

Golden Rule

Whoever has gold sets the rules.

Maine's Law

Each action corresponds to an equal and oppositely directed government program.

Cameron's law

An honest politician is one who, being bought, remains bought.

Brown's Leadership Rule

1. To succeed in politics, you often have to rise above your principles.

2. The best way to succeed in politics is to find a crowd of people that is moving somewhere and lead it.

Miles's Law

Where you stand firmly depends on where you sit softly.

Fibley's addition on politics

Where you sit softly depends on who you know well.

Wilton's law

The fool and his money are elected very quickly.

Parker's Law

The truth of any statement has nothing to do with the credibility it generates, and vice versa.

Emeringer's axiom

Politics is a subtle art of getting votes from the poor, and from the rich - money for election campaigns, promising to both protect them from each other.

Adler's rule

It is much easier to fight for principles than to live up to them.

Knowlen's Law

Both politicians and rivers are constantly bending because they strive to choose the path of least resistance.

Loki's first political principle

There is no greater sincerity than a politician who lies.

Shaffer's law

A politician's effectiveness is inversely proportional to his commitment to principles.

Hunter's Law

Every politician considers himself a man of honor, no matter how dishonorable he may be.

Wilson's Law on Politics

If you want to make enemies, try to change something.

Tupper's political postulate

For those astride the fence, there are not many choices in the direction of the path.

Eburuzku policy laws.

1. Don't worry about enemies. Allies will bring you the most trouble.

2. The larger the appropriation bill, the shorter the debate.

3. If you want to suck up to a politician, give him credit for the good that someone else has done.

Political polls rules

1. When poll results speak in your favor, flaunt them.

2. When poll results are fundamentally unfavorable to you, then (a) ridicule and reject them, or (b) highlight the volatility of public opinion.

3. When the poll results are slightly unfavorable to you, seek the sympathy of the public as a victim of injustice who fights for the truth.

4. When the results are too close to winning, be surprised at your own strength.

Poulos' corollary

A good slogan is higher than a good decision.

Galbraith's Law of Politics

Anyone who says he's not going to retire, and says so four whole times, is probably about to retire.

Newman's rule

Crime doesn't pay off - neither does politics.

Kilpatrick's note

We have succumbed to the silly notion that politicians should be above politics.

President Lindos Jones Act

If two people agree on everything, you can be sure that only one of them really thinks.

Heinrich Heine's law

You need to forgive your enemies, but not before they are hanged.

Hove's law

There are tips that are too good, such as advice to love your enemies.

Lawrence's law

A diplomat is a person who can send you to hell in such a way that you will look forward to the next flight.

Potter's Law

The rumor cannot be trusted until it is officially denied.

Frost on diplomacy

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday, but never her age.

Calvin Coolidge's remark

There is no need to explain something that you have never talked about.

Evan's Law

After you give up decency, the rest will be easy.

Observation of Napoleon

Baseness has limits; stupidity does not have them.

Thomas Jefferson Rule

Delay is preferable to error.

Cyrus Leadership Principle

Everyone can hold a tiller in their hand when the sea is calm.

Padnos's Law

People are only tolerant of things that don't concern them.

Seeger's law

Anything in parentheses can be ignored.

The first law of final exams

The pocket calculator batteries that lasted the entire semester will die at the very beginning of the math exam.


If you brought extra batteries with you, they will be defective.

The second law of final exams

During the most challenging exam for you, the most attractive and attractive student will sit next to you for the first time.

Valerie's Law

History is the science of something that never happens ... twice.

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