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Meaning of the name

Jean translated from Hebrew means "given by God."


In childhood, a lively, talkative boy, is friends with children. Good student. Having matured, Jean enjoys authority at work, which does not prevent him from constantly looking for entertainment in his free time. He loves sports, plays football, swimming, skates, ski. Likes to ride a bike, listen to music (mostly jazz). Speaks on the phone for a long time.

Favorite genres are adventure and historical novels, sports stories. He prefers illustrated magazines to books. Collects coins. He lives without problems, enjoys success with girls, generally has a good time playing chess and cards. Likes to tell jokes. Jean has a habit of interrupting the interlocutor, imposing his own topic of conversation.

Professions: architect, doctor, programmer, designer, outerwear cutter, shoemaker, director, operator, electronics engineer, tape recorder repairman, electrician, circus acrobat, artist-lawyer.

They don't marry for a long time, up to thirty years. Loves new acquaintances and is constantly looking for new friends. He often lives with his parents. They love to drive a car, but they don't repair it themselves.

Intelligence allows him to form his own opinion about everything and have a broad outlook. Jean is gifted, ambitious, pleasant companion, humble, reserved, sophisticated, virtuous. He knows everything, speaks well, knows the ce6e price, but among many of these advantages there is one drawback, although not great, but no less important from this: Jean is a superficial person; he loves society and society loves him.

Jean loves to receive guests at home, his evenings are distinguished by a refined taste. Jean can study some subjects deeply with a single purpose: to shine. Meanwhile, Jean has no idea about other more important things.

Jean is difficult to unbalance, he is always calm, unperturbed. Financially, he will always be happy, he is a subtle psychologist, intuition tells him with whom to conclude a profitable deal. Jean is affectionate, helpful with those he loves; he does not tolerate ill-wishers next to him.


Emotional, easily excitable. Active, energetic. O6 has an attractive appearance and charm, which acts attractively on new acquaintances, especially of the opposite sex. Intelligent, strong-willed, hardy: the conqueror of women's hearts, almost all women are in love with him. He himself only loves once. After a love disappointment, he no longer allows himself to relax.

Rarely marries in his youth, may even remain a bachelor. But women are not indifferent to him. He likes partners with a good figure. Seeing a beautiful woman, he is easily carried away by her, but never allows feelings to guide him. He is active and temperamental in sex, makes love with undisguised pleasure, loves variety, prefers oral and anal sex and often unites them.

For him, sex in all its forms is an integral part of an active life. He willingly maintains a conversation on intimate topics, enjoys watching erotic films. He does not like slow partners, he is looking for a woman with the same temperament as his. In sex, he has bright flashes, violent emotions when he meets a worthy partner.

Jean prefers not to have a permanent girlfriend, is very receptive to new sensations, strives to get maximum pleasure. However, a woman with increased sexual sensitivity can tie him to her for a while.

The better his partner understands, the more she is open and sincere with him, the more joy and pleasure he will experience from an intimate relationship with her, the longer their sexual relationship will be.

Jean is very experienced in love preludes, gentle and affectionate, devoid of prejudices, believes that there is nothing forbidden in love. It is sexual relations, being the most intimate expression of partnership, that are closely related to his spiritual harmony. Jean has had an active sex life for a long time, keeping his sexual capabilities at a high level.

Jean is happy to visit, he is hospitable. Independent, does not tolerate pressure. He loves comfort in the house, helps his wife maintain cleanliness.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Jean gives the impression of something safe, angular, small, bright.

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