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Adiya - gift, gift, reward
Azhar - beautiful, pretty, sweet
Aida - reward, useful
Aybala - beautiful as the moon
Aybarsha - beautiful as a golden-woven moon
Aibike is a moon-like beauty
Aigansha - the moon-like princess
Aigul - moon flower
Aydana - chaste
Ayzhamal - beautiful as the moon
Aizhan - moon soul
Aizada - moonlike
Isia - Moonlight
Ayman - famous, glorious
Ainagul - sincere, pure, devoted
Ainur - moon-faced
Aypara - moonlike fairy
Aisulu - moon beauty, daughter of the moon
Aytolds - full moon
Aisha - life-loving
Aklima - bright mind
Akmaral - white doe
Akylzhan - akyl - mind, zhan - soul
Alia - divine, majestic
Alma - Apple
Altyngul - golden flower
Alua - oriental sweetness
Alfia is a long-liver
Amina - noble, faithful
Anara - pomegranate
Anargul - pomegranate flower
Aru is a beauty
Asel - honey
Asem - beautiful, beautiful
Asima - protector, patroness
Asia - kind, noble

Bagila - Constantly Faithful
Badigulzhamal is an incomparable beauty
Bazarayim is my wealth, radiant
Bakizat - very pure origin
Balzhan - sweet as honey
Balsheker - sweet as honey and sugar
Banu - mistress, mistress
Bates - pure, pure, white
Bayan - strong, powerful, rich
Bibigul - mistress of flowers, princess of flowers
Bibinur - the light-faced mistress
Bimarzhan - the dancing pearl
Birzhan - soul to her husband
Botacosis - camel eye

Gaziza - sweetheart, dear
Gaini is the most visible
Gaukhar - diamond
Gafura - Forgiving
Gulayim - moon flower
Gulbarshyn - beautiful as a flower
Gulbakhram - spring flower
Gulzhakhan - the flower of peace
Gulzara - beautiful as gold
Gulzifa - beautiful as a flower
Gulmaria - beautiful like Maria
Gulnaz - graceful, charming like a flower
Gulnisa ​​is the most beautiful of all women
Gulshara - beautiful, beautiful face
Gulshat - a flower of joy

Damela - hopeful
Dana - knowledgeable, chaste
Danara - talisman
Danesh - knowledgeable, scientist
Dara is a special one that stands out
Dariga - oh, how beautiful
Daria is a big river
Dilara - sweetheart
Dilda is pure gold
Dinara - silver coin
Duria - beautiful silk fabric, silk

Erkezhan - gentle, affectionate

Zhazira - wide in nature, like a steppe
Zhaina - to shine, to be a decoration
Zhamal - beautiful, adorable, attractive
Zhamiga - uniting
Zhanar - dear, like a shine of eyes
Zhania is a sweet soul
Zhansaya - to be a support, protection
Zhibek - silk
Zhuldyz is a star
Jumabike - the princess born on Friday
Zhupar - fragrant

Zamzagul - an abundance of flowers
Zara - golden
Zarina - gold-colored
Zauresh - morning star, venus
Zeyne - beautiful, decorated
Zeynep - plump, well-fed
Zere - golden
Ziba - smart, beautiful
Ziyagul - shining like a flower
Ziyada - superior, special
Zubayda - the chosen one, the best
Zulfia - curly
Zumrat - emerald
Zylika is the younger sister

Kalamkas - black-browed, thin-browed
Kalima - noble, peaceful
Kamaliya - perfect
Kamaria - beautiful moon
Kanipa - true, sincere
Karlygash - swallow
Kuanysh - happiness
Kulanda - like a flower
Kunke - my sun
Kunsulu - solar

Leila - night

Madina - city, city of Medina, is located near Mecca
Maksat - goal, aspiration
Malika - princess, queen
Meiram - a holiday
Meruert is a pearl

Rabiga - affectionate, careless
Razia - beloved, pleasant
Rakima - merciful, kind
Rakia - attractive, pretty
Raushan - prominent, light
Rahat - pleasure
Rachel - agile, nimble
Ruhiya - good mood

Sabira - hardy, calm, patient
Saida - venerable, respected
Sakyp - companion, friend
Saltanat - shine, splendor
Sania is the second child
Sara - noble, noble
Saulet - beautiful, pretty, prominent
Sulushash - long, black-haired

Togzhan - happy with life, wealthy
Torgyn - precious silk

Uazipa - clean, beautiful
Wasila - assistant, support
Umigulsim - mother gulsum
Urkia is very attractive

Fariza - duty, duty, vow
Fatima - Weaned
Firuza - radiant

Shamsia - solar
Sharbanu is a beautiful city
Sharipa - noble, holy
Sholpan - morning star

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