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Meaning of the name

Capitolina in Latin means "sublime".


Kapitolina as a child, calm, reasonable, obedient. She studies well, pleases teachers, is very careful. Parents do not get enough of their clever daughter, in addition to everything, she also has the strongest health.

Growing up, Capitolina becomes a balanced, solid and purposeful woman. She is wise, tolerant of other people's shortcomings, never rushes to condemn a person, tries to understand him. Capitolina has tremendous mental strength, which makes communication with her very pleasant.

Her charisma and truly encyclopedic knowledge in many areas makes communication with her very interesting and enjoyable. Once having communicated with her, a person will look for meetings with her again and again.

Capitolina can work in almost any industry, but always in a leadership position, her iron logic, consistency, ability to organize and stimulate do her credit.

Capitolina takes serious things seriously, diluting all with a healthy dose of irony. Her great sense of humor helps solve any problem. Kapitolina is a very responsible employee, there are practically no mistakes in her work.

Her house is always full of guests. Capitolina's husband is infinitely devoted to her, since such a woman is a great rarity.


Capitolina is a passionate nature, very emotional in love, but these emotions do not prevent her from analyzing the situation correctly and in time. She loves to be in the spotlight, despite her seriousness and wisdom, a coquette, which are few.

Capitolina usually has a wealth of sexual experience, but also many relationships that she did not break off. Until she reaches a certain mature age, men leave her for fear of appearing more stupid than her. Even the brightest macho fades against its background.

After twenty-five years, Kapitolina, as a rule, meets a real man who not only appreciates her mind and other qualities, but also gratefully accepts knowledge and experience from her.

Capitolina is different in sex, it all depends on the mood and circumstances in which the intimacy occurs. Either she wants a romantic candlelit dinner with the ensuing consequences with long caresses and languid dances, then she wants quick sex in an elevator, then she wants to indulge in love on the kitchen table using whipped cream, fruit and ice cream.

Kapitolina always strives to achieve mutual pleasure in sex. She constantly reads literature, watches erotic films in order to understand how to give a man maximum pleasure.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Virgo.


The sound of the name Capitolina gives the impression of something quiet, small, fragile.

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