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Agatha is good
Agnes - chaste, saint
Agostina - venerable
Adeline - noble
Adriana - of Hadriya
Adeline - noble
Azzerra - blue sky
Alba - dawn
Alessa - Protector of Humanity
Alessandra - Protector of Humanity
Alessia - Protector
Allegra - cheerful and lively
Allegria - cheerful and lively
Alfonsina - noble and ready
Albertina - bright nobility
Albina - from Alba
Alda - noble
Ambergris - amber
Amedea - loving god
Amerenta - without disappearing
Anankieta - announcing
Angelica - angelic
Andreina - man, warrior
Angelica - angelic
Annanzieta - announcing
Annankieta - announcing
Annette - benefit, grace
Annelisa - goodness, grace and god is my oath
Anonyada - Announcing
Antonella is invaluable
Antonitta is invaluable
Antonneta is invaluable
Arabella - An Answer Prayer
Arienne is completely clean
Assanta - the assumed

Bays - the traveler
Beatrice the Traveler
Bella - god is my oath
Benedatta - Blessed
Benigna - kind
Bernardette - bold as a bear
Bettina - Blessed
Bibiana - live
Biti the traveler
Bonfilia is a good daughter
Brigida - Exalted
Brunilda - warrior woman
Bianca - white

Wanda - moving, wanderer
Velia - hidden
Vincennes - Conquered
Violetta - purple flower
Vittoria - Conquer, Victory
Vitelia - from life, life
Venna is a good god

Gabriella - Strong from God
Gemma is a gem
Genoveffa - white race
Grazayalla - pleasing, pleasant
Grace - pleasing, pleasant
Graziana - Pleasing, Pleasant

Deborah the bee
Delphine - a woman from Delphi
Geltrude - the power of the spear
Gemma is a gem
Gianna is a good god
Gina - shorthand for names containing the element "gina"
Giovanna - good god
Giovannetta - good god
Giosetta - she will multiply
Gioia - happiness
Gioconda - happy
Giorgi - a peasant woman
Giorgina - a peasant woman
Gioffreda - God and the World
Gisella - bail
Jyudita - Jewish woman from Judea
Jieda - jade
Jiekinta - hyacinth flower
Jiyuzppa - she will increase
Jolanda - purple flower
Jusefina - she will multiply
Juliana - youth
Julia - youth
Juliet - a little young
Justina is fair, only
Zeta is a little girl
Domenica - owned by the lord
Donata - given (by God)
Donatella - given (by God)
Dorotea - a gift from God
Drina - of Hedriya
Dayfn - laurel
Danila - God is my judge

Elizabeth is god is my oath
Elena - torch, moon or secretly escape

Genevra - the white race
Gilda is the victim
Ginevra - the white race
Zita is a little girl

Ileria - joyful, happy
Imelda - the whole battle
Immacoleta - flawless
Ines - chaste, holy
Isabella - God is my oath
Italia - the name for the country of Italy passed to be used in the name

Kalvina is a little bald
Caprice - impulsive, driven by a whim
Karla is a man
Carlota is a man
Carlotta is a man
Carmela - vineyard
Carmina - vineyard
Katerina is pure
Kinzia - a woman from Kintos
Cypriena - from Cyprus
Clara - clear, bright
Clarette - clear, bright
Cosima - order, beauty
Columbine - dove
Conchetina - concept
Consetta - concept
Console - consoled
Consoleta - consoled
Cosma - order, beauty
Christina is a follower of Christ
Christiane is a follower of Christ
Crocifissa - cross crucified
Crosetta - cross crucified
Calogera - beautiful, older
Calandra is a lark
Capricia - impulsive, driven by a whim

Lauretta - small laurel
Letitia - happiness
Leah - weary
Loenora - foreign, different
Loredena - laurel grove
Lorenza - from Lorentum
Ludovika is a famous warrior
Luigia is a famous warrior
Luigina is a famous warrior
Luisella is a famous warrior
Lucrezia is rich
Luciana - light
Luce is a famous warrior

Maddalena - from Magdal
Margherita - pearls
Marzia - warrior
Marayatta is a little favorite
Marcella the warrior
Martha is a lady
Maura - black, moor
Milada - benefit, grace
Mimi - beloved
Mirella - delightful
Michela - Who Is Like God?
Micheline - Who Is Like God?
Michelangela - angel, messenger
Monga - listening
Malvolia - malevolence
Merilla - beloved
Marinella - from the sea
Mafolda - Mighty in Battle

Nanzietella - Announcing
Nanzietina - Announcing
Nanzia - Announcing
Natale - birthday, or Christmas
Nereza - darkness
Nereza - darkness
Nerina - water
Nicoletta - victory of people
Nikolina - victory of people
Nilda - female warrior
Noelia - christmas, god's birthday
Noemi is a sweetness
Norina - honor, valor
Norm - standard, rule

Orlanda is a famous land
Ornella - blooming ash
Orsina - like a bear
Orsola - little bear
Orebella - golden, beautiful
Ottavia - eighth

Palmyra - a pilgrim
Paola is small
Paolina is small
Patricia - noblewoman
Pearl - pearl
Perlite - pearl
Pina is an abbreviation for names ending in "pina"
Pira - rock, stone
Pirina - rock, stone
Pitrina - rock, stone
Pasquelina - Easter child

Raymonda is a wise protector
Rachel - sheep
Renata - Born Again
Riccarda - strong and brave
Roberta - famous
Rose - rose
Rosabella is a beautiful rose
Rosella - rose
Rosetta - small rose
Rosebel - beautiful rose
Roselva - white rose
Rosangela - Rose - Angel
Rosenna - graceful rose
Romana - Roman
Romilda - the famous slain
Romola - from Rome
Rosalba - white rose
Rosanna - graceful rose
Rosaria - rosary
Rosina - rose
Rossella - rose
Raffaella - God Healed

Sandra - Protector of Humanity
Santa is a saint
Sebastian - from Sebaste (a city in Asia Minor)
Celeste - heavenly
Celia - Heaven
Selveggia - wild
Seraphina - mountain
Silvana - from the forest
Simone - listening
Simonetta - listening
Sisarina - hairy
Slarissa - fame
Stephenia - crown
Susana - lily
Severia - new home
Savina - see Sabina
Salvatris - the savior
Samuela - God listened
Sementa - God listened
Santazza is a saint

Theophilus is God's friend
Tiziena - of the titans
Tina is an abbreviation for names ending in "tina"
Tonia is invaluable

Fiorella - small flower
Fayorelba - flower of dawn
Federica is a peaceful ruler
Felisa - lucky
Felicita - held, luck
Ferdinanda - prepared for the trip
Philomena - strong in love
Fina - burned
Fiorenza - blooming
Fiemmetta - shooting and small fire
Floriena - flower
Francesca - free
Frank - free
Fulvia - yellow
Fabrisia - Master

Chiera - clear, bright
Chierina - clear, bright

Edwige - Militant
Edda is militant
Edmonda - Protector of Prosperity
Helda - slain
Eleanor - foreign, different
Elettra - bright, shining
Elma - helmet, protection
Elnora - foreign, different
Eloisa is very healthy
Emiliana - rival
Enrica - housekeeper
Erminia - Feminine form of Herminayo, unknown meaning
Ernesta - Fight Death
Ersilia - thin
Eulalia - courteous
Eufemia - suave

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