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Meaning of the name

Inga is translated from German "in the name of the god of abundance."


Since childhood, he has recognized more the authority of his father. He can not always distinguish good from bad, so he easily absorbs bad examples to follow. Severe punishments have little effect on her.

Vindictive, touchy, vindictive, intrusive in communication. She is jealous, especially if attention is paid not only to her alone, but, for example, to her younger brother or sister.

She does well at school, but needs constant vigilant supervision from parents and teachers. Often has a good ear for music.

Inga strives to take a leading position, shows stubbornness and perseverance, which allows her to achieve great success in her studies.

Inga is very persistent, thanks to which she can achieve success in various fields of activity. Sensitive to praise.

Inga has a weak nervous system, she is prone to colds and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Inga, born in winter, is reserved.

Inga, born in the fall, is a faithful friend, strict in her judgments. Often chooses the profession of a programmer, teacher, operator.

Born in the summer, Inga is sweet and charming, easily wins the hearts of men.

Born in the spring - charming, feminine, cunning and greedy. Often chooses the profession of educator and lawyer.

Inge shouldn't become a medic.


He early realizes his attractiveness, but does not show flirtatiousness and a penchant for many novels. He has many fans, towards whom he shows rather high demands.

For a long time he meets with the chosen one, meticulously studying and checking him. If she notices that her parents are against her meetings, she is able to take a decisive step (for example, run away from home or secretly get married).

Differs in devotion to her husband and family, strictness in raising children. She carefully controls their studies, hobbies, leisure. he reacts very painfully to criticism, which is why he rarely finds a common language with his mother-in-law.

Inga is quite superstitious, she believes in fortune-telling, she makes fortune, and sometimes she can lie a little in order to impress.


Gray blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Aries, Gemini, Libra and Capricorn.


The word Inga gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, joyful.

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