Murphology in the courtroom

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Nelson's Rule on Jurisprudence

In the heat of litigation, it is not each party's job to prove the truth.

The second postulate of the thumb

An easily comprehended and acceptable lie is more useful than a complex and incomprehensible truth.

Beaumarchais motto

There is no need to understand some things in order to discuss them.

Maxim Weber

A single fact can spoil a good argument.

Hanlon's Law

Never attribute to malicious intent that which is fully explained by stupidity.

Spencer's postulate

The jurors are a group of twelve individuals with a moderate level of ignorance.

The first rule of law

Whatever happens, pretend it was intended that way.

Heriberg's Law of Walking Upwind

Never let go of what you grab onto until something else falls into your hands.

Legal investigation

Never give up on a line of inquiry until you have a more fruitful line of inquiry.

Mark Twain on the facts

Get the facts first, and then you can distort them as you please.

The first rule of cross-examination

Never ask a question you don't know the answer to.

Cyrus axiom

Not every question deserves an answer.

Rule for the courtroom

People will believe in any nonsense if uttered in a whisper.

Maxim Voltaire

A witty statement proves nothing at all.

Hodgren on courtroom conduct

When you're in trouble, let it be more foggy.

Formula Glaime

The secret of success is sincerity, but if you can deceive, deceive.

Gilbert's Law of Cross-Examination

One stupid question can ruin a good hour spent before it on interrogation.

Paers principle

If the law is on your side, push the law. If facts are on your side, push facts. If you have neither one nor the other, push on the table.

Gross Rule for Advocates

If you have bad facts, prepare to challenge the law; if you have a bad case from a legal point of view, prepare to challenge the facts; if you have both bad facts and bad law in your case, charge the client a large retainer.

Morton's Law

When it’s time for a trial, you’re sure to lose your voice.

Peirce's postulate

A lawyer who starts a sentence with "Honestly ..." is going to:

a) lie or ...

b) accuse you of lying.

Solomon solution

Always give your opponent two of these options to choose from, so that one is much worse than the one you are interested in.

Potter principle

The person you beat in the best parking spot will be the judge in your first case today.


The driver you insulted will be the foreman of the jury.

David's truism

The judge whose goodwill you are counting on will put himself in jeopardy in the case before yours.

Fisher's law

The judge in the most important matter for you will be the lady with whom you once had a one-day romance, after which you completely forgot her.

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