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Oscar Wilde said that women were created not for understanding, but for love. This writer understood the weaker sex much better than most men. As a result, many women went down in history not due to their minds, but due to the beauty and seduction of famous men.

Many of these mistresses did not possess obvious beauty at all, but somehow they were still able to captivate their chosen one. As a result, the fame of such women has passed through the years and centuries, even today women are trying to use some of the secrets of those legendary personalities. We will tell below about the most famous lovers in history.

Valeria Messalina. In history, this woman remained as one of the most dissolute persons. Despite her high status (she was the wife of the Emperor Claudius), Valeria literally became the personification of lust and fornication in Rome. Messalina lived in the 1st century AD. Contemporaries say that she was much more dissolute than Nero. But he became famous for wild orgies, harems with children and a palace that became a brothel. About Messalina they say that she came to one of the brothels of Rome, taking the place of a prostitute there. Only this could satisfy her passion. Valeria herself did not miss a single handsome man. For a long time, her behavior got away with her, the blinded husband did not notice anything. But Valeria also decided to elevate her next lover, Guy Celia, to the throne. The conspiracy failed, and Messalina herself was killed by order of the emperor at the age of 28. Historians say that at that time the woman was already struck by syphilis, so that such a death was not the worst end to a dissolute and shameful life.

Cleopatra. This woman is considered one of the wisest mistresses. However, outwardly, she was not a beauty. In addition, Cleopatra is one of the most scandalous characters in the Ancient World. Because of her, powerful states fought each other. The night with Cleopatra cost each of her new slave lovers life, nevertheless the fatal beauty beckoned and beckoned men to her. Each of them dreamed of conquering a woman with his strength and love skills, and in the morning to wake up not only alive, but also the king of all Egypt. Nevertheless, Cleopatra continued to kill her lovers, not accepting compromises. Experts in Ancient Egypt call the queen one of the first adherents of free love. It was believed that she was an experienced fellatrix, that is, she skillfully gave a blowjob to her chosen ones. Perhaps this is what tied Antony to her? The ancient Greeks called the queen Meriohana, which literally means "open-mouthed", "women with a thousand mouths." Another nickname for the mistress was "fat-lipped". Although Cleopatra had all the makings of a good ruler, her own desires hindered her ability to rule skillfully. She also indulged her own famous lovers. For Caesar, Cleopatra seemed modest and intelligent, but for Antony she became a mad hunter for carnal pleasures. Love for the latter became tragic, the couple decided to resist Rome, for which they paid with their lives.

Phryne. But this Greek hetaira became famous for her beauty. She worked as a model, and from her the ancient creators sculpted and painted Aphrodite herself. They wrote that Phryne was very bashful, extremely reluctant to strip. She even met her men in the dark. As a result, the getter was convicted of negatively influencing the most enlightened citizens of the republic. But when she was led to execution and her clothes were torn off, the public saw Phryne's perfect body. Geter was immediately acquitted, as it was decided that a dissolute soul simply could not dwell in such a divine body.

Thais of Athens. This impudent hetaira became famous for seducing Alexander the Great himself. Although she was a prostitute, she became famous for her inaccessibility. She attracted the greatest conqueror by the fact that she did not want to surrender to him for any treasures or riches. The woman told Alexander that it was necessary to win her heart and then the whole world would fall before him. Subsequently, Thais was able to marry the Egyptian king Ptolemy I.

Wu Hu. This Chinese empress from the Tang Dynasty announced the arrival of the era of female domination in the country. For this, the custom of licking the lotus stamens even appeared in court etiquette. The Empress demanded that all government officials and dignitaries who visited her show her special respect through cunnilingus. This ceremony has remained even in old paintings. Wu Hu herself is holding her dress, while a guest is kneeling in front of her, kissing her genitals.

Scheherazade. This woman became famous for her intelligence. Naturally, she worked with the Sultan not only with fairy tales. After each love affair, Scheherazade began to tell an interesting story, which she interrupted at the most interesting place. At first, the sultan even wanted to send her to the lower harem as a wife who no longer satisfies him. However, it turned out that no one else is able to tell such interesting tales to the ruler. Shahriyar continued to listen to his concubine. This is how the book of fairy tales "A Thousand and One Nights" appeared. It took the ruler so much to regain common sense and stop killing virgins. And what happened after that to the most coveted wife of the Sultan is unknown. They say that the cause of her death was some kind of infection.

Elizabeth Bathory. This woman went down in history as the Bloody Countess. She had many lovers, the most famous of whom is the painter Caravaggio. They say that she became for him not only a model, but also a real muse and goddess. Contemporaries recall that Bathory was unearthly beauty, until her death she had a face like a young girl. This effect became possible, since the Countess bathed in the blood of tortured and murdered virgins. In total, she killed about 600 women, among whom were not only peasant women and maids, but even noble persons. Bathory is said to have invented terrible mechanisms. For example, a metal coffin contained spikes inside. They entered the body shallowly, not killing immediately, but causing only bleeding. Thus, the victim died gradually, giving his blood to the insatiable countess. They say Bathory invented several thousand sophisticated tortures and devices for this. Only in 1611 was the 50-year-old sadist convicted. There are several versions of her death. They say that the angry mob simply lynched her, walled up alive in the walls of the castle. A popular story is that Bathory got away with it. Her family was too influential. The bloody countess was sent to the dungeon to live out her term, away from human eyes. There is an opinion that Elizabeth was generally slandered. The fact is that she was richer than the king himself, who wanted to take all her property from her. After the death of the countess, five of her children disappeared somewhere, and all her gold and land went to the ruler. Bathory went down in history not only as a bloodthirsty murderer, but also as one of the most beautiful women of her time with unfading beauty. In Hungary itself, the woman was nicknamed a vampire, believing that in the number of her atrocities she was in no way inferior to Count Dracula.

Marquise de Pompadour. This favorite of the French king Louis XV was not only a skillful and indefatigable mistress, but also played an important role in European politics. They say that she owes her passion to celery. Every day, the Marquise used two of the strongest aphrodisiacs at once - chocolate and celery root. In the morning she drank a mug of hot chocolate, adding ground root to it. During the day, she ate a special salad with apples, walnuts and celery. Although it is unclear whether she knew that these particular products helped her maintain her love, Pompadour could make love up to 10 times a day with different partners. Celery is generally a well-known pathogen. So in different countries, peasants put a bunch of this plant at the head of the bed on their wedding night. The very same Jeanne Poisson, the future Marquise of Pompadour, was promised the love of the king himself at the age of nine. What else can a young girl dream of? The origin of the Pompadour remains a mystery. There is an opinion that she was generally of low origin, just one day she successfully found herself a patron in the form of a nobleman and got to the court. There, at a masquerade, she met Louis XV. The monarch was intrigued by the behavior of the girl, who flirtatiously hid her face under a mask. And when it was also removed, the king finally fell in love. It was not easy to achieve a high position and the status of a favorite for many years, but Jeanne was able to do it. She did not limit her activities to bed only. The Marquise Pompadour took up the development of the arts, giving great patronage to many artists and writers. Until her death, she remained for the king not only a mistress, but also an original and brilliant friend. In itself, this is a great rarity.

Josephine. The chosen one of Napoleon at the time of their meeting was not young, she was already over thirty, she had two children. Outwardly, however, she looked flawless. Although Bonaparte himself gave orders of authority to the rest, he was shy in front of Josephine and felt either tender or passionate feelings for her. The secret of the victory over Napoleon was simple. Josephine was not only beautiful, she was also an excellent listener. A wise woman always approved the actions of her beloved, no matter what he did. And as a reward for this, she became the first Empress of France. The couple's divorce took place only for the good of France - the country needed an heir.

Inessa Armand. Although this woman was right in the center of revolutionary actions, her role was shyly hushed up by historians. After all, she was the mistress of Vladimir Lenin himself, which somehow did not fit with the immaculate image of the leader. Armand met him in front of Krupskaya herself, in Paris. Inessa's personal relationship with Lenin was so close that Nadezhda Konstantinovna herself was in the background with her husband. Krupskaya was forced to forgive her husband's passion for his mistress, if only it was for the good of the revolution. Inessa herself was wholeheartedly devoted to her occupation and to Lenin himself. Armand left behind three children, who were born even before meeting the leader. And she died of cholera in 1920 and was buried not far from her beloved - under the Kremlin wall.

Mata Hari. This courtesan made her living by performing exotic dances. At one time, the whole of Paris admired her. Many high-ranking officials of France and Germany have become lovers of the artist. According to legend, during the First World War, Mata Hari was a spy, while cooperating with both warring parties at once. It is not known if she was able to extract really valuable information from her patrons. Nevertheless, in 1917, the French shot Mata Hari for her spying for Germany. She herself became a legend, embodying the images of a femme fatale and a fearless intelligence agent.

Isadora Duncan. This American dancer led a bohemian lifestyle. She is considered the founder of free dance, from which the modern style was born. She had many fans, some of whom she reciprocated. Having survived the death of her two children, she went to Russia, where she met Sergei Yesenin. He became her lover, and then her husband. Isadora herself, in the opinion of her contemporaries, was not captivated by her brilliant beauty. But she was very natural and had a natural sexuality. On stage, Duncan performed barefoot, and her every movement was filled with grace and natural charm. All her dances said that she was open to life and madly in love with her in all forms. She herself wrote: "If my art is symbolic, then this symbol is only one: the freedom of a woman and her emancipation from the stale conventions that underlie Puritanism." Contemporaries believed that Duncan's work opens up new horizons for women of the future. Her dances were called genius, she was able to change both art and everyday life. But the relationship with Yesenin did not work out - two gifted creative people were jealous of each other's fame.

Lilya Brik. This woman had many admirers - Pablo Neruda, Marc Chagall, Louis Aragon, Sergei Parajanov, Fernand Leger, Yves Saint Laurent. Men were drawn to her by her sense of inner freedom. But the most famous lover of Brick was Vladimir Mayakovsky. The poet even lived with her and her husband, embarrassing the inhabitants with such a love triangle. Brick herself said: "You need to inspire a man that he is wonderful or even brilliant, but that others do not understand this. And allow him to do things that are not allowed at home, for example, smoke or go wherever he pleases. Good shoes and silk underwear will do the rest." As you can see, the secret of seduction is not so difficult. Lilya Brik often appears in the form of a femme fatale. If a man attracted her, then nothing could stop her. The story of Brick is steeped in legends, there was some kind of mystery in it that attracted the most famous men of that time to her. Talking to people, Lilya skillfully and intelligently emphasized her interest in her interlocutor. Brick has always been up to date with fashion, dressing tastefully and hiding her flaws in clothes. It was she who became the first woman in Moscow who dared to wear trousers. The straightforward Akhmatova recalled Leela in this way: “The hair is dyed and on the worn face there are insolent eyes.

Marilyn Monroe. This mistress is one of the most mysterious in history. The 20th century sex symbol had a close relationship with US President John F. Kennedy. But this connection, like the subsequent death of the actress, is shrouded in mystery. It is unclear whether Monroe's death was a suicide, or whether her love for Kennedy began to interfere with someone and she was simply removed. During her lifetime, she managed to tarnish the reputation of an excellent family man and the pride of America, John F. Kennedy. It is still unprofitable for someone to reveal the secret about those events. One thing is clear - the sexy beauty Marilyn Monroe was deeply unhappy in her personal life. More than half a century has passed since her mysterious death, but she still remains the standard of femininity and sexuality. And the actress herself has become a well-promoted and popular brand. With the help of her name, billions of dollars are earned in the world every year.

Edwina Curry. The mistress of British Prime Minister John Major made his political career much more difficult after he decided to break up with her. Although the woman was even threatened with violence, she did not want to remain silent, writing the whole truth about her relationship with a powerful admirer. Written at the risk of his life, the book quickly became a bestseller, and Major's own career quickly failed. Curry said that she was not only threatened, but also attacked and beaten twice. The criminals demanded silence from her and promised to kill her if the book was published. But she did it anyway. Maybe she was driven by a sense of revenge, or maybe the desire to prove that even influential men should be held accountable for their actions. In the end, the truth about the premiere was overwhelming. Not a single British politician was told as much humiliating details as about him. The most intimate details of his life have become the property of the public. And this happened because one day he decided to leave the one who loved him.Career fear and threats only made the unfortunate lover's plight worse.

Sylvia Christel. This beautiful woman became famous for her performance in the leading role in the sensational erotic film "Emmanuelle". Her attractiveness has not gone unnoticed by the most prominent men. Valerie Giscard d'Estaing, President of France, became Christelle's mistress. Moreover, their romance began even before he took this prominent post. D'Estaing himself never concealed this relationship. As a result, Sylvia was even invited to all official events related to the head of state. She was the hostess at his receptions. And on foreign trips, the president often took Sylvia with him. Thus, Christelle seemed to have received the status of an "official" mistress.

Anne Penjo. As already mentioned, mistresses often caused a scandal around their politician fan. It happened there with Anne Penjo. This mistress of François Mitterrand has long settled in the Elysee Palace. But when the new president, Jacques Chirac, came to power, the first thing he did was order to evict Penjot and her illegitimate daughter from her predecessor from the state residence. Biographers say that the loving Mitterrand had many mistresses. Penjo was just one of them. That is why the French themselves were calm about the fact of its existence. But the fact that the president allocated her free housing in the Elysee Palace, and even denied it, the citizens of the country could not forgive him. After Mitterrand's death, another scandal erupted. The mistress, along with the president's illegitimate daughter, wanted to attend the funeral, which his family zealously opposed. As a result, now Ann does not lead a luxurious life - she works in a museum, barely making ends meet. And Mitterrand's illegitimate daughter, with the help of the court, achieved the right to her father's surname and hit politics.

Monica Lewinsky. This mistress turned out to be very selfish. She not only made a strong impact on her partner's career and family, but also did not fail to make several million dollars on it. Monica told the press about all the details of her intimate relationship in the Oval Office. Even after this connection became known to the public, everyone was literally amazed at how an intern unknown to anyone earlier managed to carry out the operation she had conceived. She even kept for history the dress in which she made love with Clinton. For the president, that story almost turned into resignation and even prison for lying before the court. Monica herself, with memories of those relationships, traveled the whole world. Lewinsky wrote a book about her intimate relationship and even shot the documentary "Monica in Black and White", for which she also received a multi-million dollar fee. And Clinton himself is frankly sorry, his wife even forgave him. It is not clear only what the charming and popular politician found in the plain plump Lewinsky.

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