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Spain has its own unique show - bullfighting. A matador is a character from a walking bullfight, if this participant is sitting on a horse, then he is already called a rekhoneador.

These bullfighters in Spain are famous and popular no less than football players. Where are the footballers before her.

El Juli. This bullfighter is still relatively young - he was born in 1982 in Madrid. The place of his birth was the clinic of St. Joseph on the street Cartagena. In addition to the bullfighter himself, the family has two older brothers. At the age of 9, Julian first received communion at the College of the Blessed Virgin in the metropolitan area of ​​Concepción, where he studied. The bullfighter said that it was on this day that the passion for the fight with bulls, "el toreo", woke up in him. After all, it was then in the estate of Juan Rivera from Toledo, on the trading area of ​​this estate, that Julio first "danced" in front of a young cow, performing in front of her a series of specific passes borrowed for this purpose by a cloak. The boy was so carried away by bullfighting that he asked his parents as a birthday present to allow him to enter torrero school. In 1995 and 1996, he received the seasonal trophies of the best student there. Due to age restrictions in Spain, his first novillade with picadors was held in Mexico in 1996. By June 1999, the young matador had already fought 100 fights. His income in 2005 was 7 million euros, although from there it is worth deducting a significant amount for the maintenance of the quadrilla.

Rivera Ordonez. This legendary matador was born on January 13, 1977. It can even be considered doubly legendary. After all, he is a direct descendant of two other famous matadors - Domingin and Cayetano Ordonez "Niñe de la Palma". Was it possible with such genes to choose a profession for a friend or become an ordinary bullfighter? So Rivera became an extraordinary person and a master of his craft. His eminent grandfathers must be proud of their grandson.

Enrique Ponce. This matador was born on December 8, 1971 in Valencia. His career began at the age of 17 and now many include him in the top three bullfighters in the country. In addition to achievements in his direct profession, Enrique is also known for participating in various sports, including golf, football, and hunting. The elite matador earns about 4 million euros per year. Among other advantages, Ponce has one more thing - his beautiful wife Paloma Suebas. They say that Ponce himself is so perfect as men that only a goddess can be his wife. Paloma has been repeatedly recognized as the most elegant woman in the country, she is just a sample of taste. But Enrique himself always looks stylish. Usually matadors do not really care about their appearance and the combination of colors and elements of clothing. But Ponce was also known as the most elegant matador in Spain. Even a pink polka dot tie with a striped shirt won't ruin it.

Manuel Benitez Perez. This matador was also known by the nickname El Cordobes. He was born in Cordoba in 1936. His career in this capacity began in 1959 in Talavera de la Reina, officially ending 20 years later. Cordobes was distinguished by his own acrobatic style. Even though it was a little theatrical, it was noticeably different from the classical one. Today, many believe that he is the shadow cardinal of this sport. Everyone still respects Cordobes, even if his career ended 30 years ago. In 2002, the matador was named the fifth caliph of his native Cordoba, even one of the arenas was named after him.

Jose Ignacio Useda. Many will say that this particular matador is the best in Spain. He himself believes that with such a vocation one must be born and only then carefully study. Useda, at the age of 11, realized who he wanted to become. In addition, his family has long-standing ties to the bullfight. All of Jose's male relatives were involved in one way or another. It is not surprising that he himself often attended their performances. For the first time, Jose entered the arena with his father, the boy was then only 4 years old, and his opponent was a one-year-old bull. Although according to the laws of the country, it was not allowed to enter the bullfighter arena until the age of 16, Jose, as is customary among novice fighters, overstated his age. As a result, he entered the school of bullfighters at 13, and by the age of 15 he had 46 three-year-old bulls. However, the bulls did not let Useda forget that such a sport was dangerous - as many as 6 times the matador was raised on the horns. In total, during his career, the famous matador defeated more than 2,500 bulls, his proud father keeps a detailed count.

Luis-Miguel Domingin. This is the real star among the matadors. After all, none of the active bullfighters living today can surpass him. He was born in 1926 in the family of the legendary Domingino Domingin. Luis-Miguel took his father's surname in order to gain popularity faster. At the age of 11, he entered the arena for the first time. Luis Miguel was considered the standard of the Spaniard - a beautiful burning brunette, a successful favorite of women. He had novels with actresses and models, and his son received a Grammy. Picasso is friends with Luis-Miguel, Hemingway writes about him. At the age of 44, the bullfighter returned to the arena, soon he began performing in a special "suit of light" created by Picasso. Miguel fought his last fight in 1973 in Barcelona. Is it any wonder that the perfect matador was quite well paid? People were willing to pay any amount to see their pet. Domingin died in 1996.

Roman Karpukhin. Matador, as has already been said, must be born. Moreover, it is not at all necessary in Spain. Hardly Roman Karpukhin, living in his native Chuguev, Kharkov region, thought about his career in bullfighting. When the guy was just studying at the Kharkov Military Aviation School, he opened a ballroom dance club. His fellow students were engaged there, who wanted to forget how to trample the legs of potential brides. The thirst for adventure was confirmed by the fact that once Roman went to the World Ballroom Dancing Championship in Germany even without a passport. When a crisis broke out in the country, the Air Force captain quit his job and moved to Spain to teach dancing. But one day he ended up in Albacete, the capital of the famous province of La Mancha. There the dancer met a local matador who literally made Karpukhin fall in love with a bullfight. The former pilot spent a whole year at the Catalan bullfighting school. Nobody believed in the success of such an enterprise. However, Karpukhin managed to become the world's first Russian bullfighter in the history of bullfighting, having received a diploma from the Guinness Book of Records. And Roman sewed captain's shoulder straps into his toreador's cloak, enhancing the effect of the duel between the Russian officer and the bull.

Jesulin de Ubrique. This hero literally conquered all of Spain with his performances. In 1994, he was only 20 years old, and he has already entered the arena 153 times. Thus, the 24-year record of El Cordobes himself was broken. A tall and slender young handsome man enjoys the love of women, besides, he has a cheerful and carefree disposition, a sunny open smile. Khesulin literally broke into the elite of matadors, taking a worthy place next to the legends - Manolete and Cordobes. True, old connoisseurs argue that Khesulin's style is somewhat vulgar, and he himself owes his success to the yellow press. Nevertheless, he already earns at least a million euros per year.

Jairo Miguel. Photos of this matador have spread all over the country. After all, then Miguel was only 8 years old, he entered the arena of the city of Caceres, being twice as young as allowed. The defeated bull weighed 10 times more than the bullfighter himself! Some called Miguel a hero, others a criminal. This career was chosen for him by his father and their joint dreams of fame. The couple disobeyed the Spanish code and moved to Mexico. After 6 years, Jairo Miguel again got bloodied on the front pages of newspapers. This time it was his own blood. He nearly became the youngest bullfighter to be mortally wounded by a bull. Doctors said that the bull's horns did not reach the heart of the young brave just a couple of centimeters. Now Miguel already has 70 scars on his body, and he himself is still banned in his homeland. However, isn't his career in exile a violation of a minor's rights?

Michelito Lagravere. Michelito was born in 1997. He himself claims that he fell in love with bullfight at the age of 5. This twelve-year-old matador made his debut immediately on the main arena of Mexico - "Plaza Mexico City". The boy got a bull weighing 4 centners, but he was easily killed. But the second animal, weighing 385 kilograms, turned out to be much more aggressive and almost stabbed Michelito. The bull was able to knock the young bullfighter off his feet, about to raise him on his horns. Only the banderilleros managed to distract the angry animal and save the young soldier. Michelito's father submitted an application to the Guinness Book of Records, demanding to fix a record - a young matador opposed six bulls in one fight. However, despite the confirmation of the local judge, the record was refused registration.

Lydia Artamonova. This woman could have a brilliant career in any field. Her grandfather was the chairman of the State Planning Commission, and her parents traveled abroad, representing Vneshtorg. She herself studied social economics in Paris. However, to the horror of her parents, the brave Lydia, at the age of 24, began her career in horse bullfighting. She spent about 10 years there, going out on a date with bulls 600 times. At the same time, she also succeeded in the Spanish version of the bullfight, where the bull is killed, and the Portuguese version, where they leave it alive. Artamonova conquered the best arenas in Portugal, Spain, and southern France. Numerous wounds did not stop her - two broken ribs, a large number of bruises. And once the horn of a bull entered the leg by 12 centimeters! For each of her battles, Lydia, nicknamed Artamont in the Pyrenees, receives about 20 thousand dollars. Now she is trying to popularize bullfighting in Russia.

Manolete. Manuel Laureano Rodriguez was born in Cordoba since 1917. His ancestors were matadors, albeit little known. All of them proudly bore the name of Manolete. When boys of his age played bullfight, he himself had no interest in it. But at the age of 11 he suddenly realized his addiction to this occupation. At the age of 15, he fought his first fight, then performed with a group of clowns. As soon as they finished their performance, Manolete entered the arena against the bull. But the audience only made fun of the clumsy bullfighter. But he was lucky - he was noticed by the experienced manager Jose Camara. He made Manolete retrain. The whimsical and fashionable circular passes were set aside. Classic movements were put into action. In 1938 Manolete is back in the arena, now the audience is crazy about him. He stands serenely and with dignity in front of the bull attacking him. Critics who previously scolded him are now praised and called the best in the world. For 8 years Manolete was the most popular and highest paid matador in the world. In 1944, he was able to perform in 92 bullfights in six months. Manolete became the main Spanish hero of the time, personifying the whole country, Latin pride and chivalry. But the public demanded more and more of him. As a result, a duel of seven bullfights took place with the young idol of Spain - Domingin. Manolete performed magnificently, but the dangerous bull Islero mortally wounded him. So one of the most legendary matador of the whole world died at the age of 30.

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