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Getting from one point to another is not so easy. Not everyone will dare to travel along such an extreme road, preferring a detour.

It turns out that extreme tracks are not only for Russia. Although most of them will not be able to drive, they are gladly used by the manufacturers of computer simulators, offering extreme or unusual driving.

North Yungas Road, Bolivia. This road in the Bolivian region of Yungas is better known as the Death Road. The trail runs in the Andes, descending from a height of 3,600 meters to 330 meters above sea level. The length of the most dangerous section here is 70 kilometers; it runs between the cities of La Paz and Coroico. On this part of the road, vehicles move on a narrow road three meters wide. At the same time, it is still pretty much washed away by waterfalls and rains. As a result, cars pass only inches from the abyss. Today, the authorities have built a new, safer road to the city of Koroiko. The deadly section of the route remained in the use of only extreme tourists.

Stelvio Pass Road, Italy. This Italian road runs in the eastern Alps between Sulden and Bormio. The border with Switzerland is not far from here. The highest point of the route, the pass, is located at an altitude of 2757 meters. The road is considered by many to be the most winding in Europe. Indeed, to overcome the entire route, it will be necessary to overcome 48 zigzag turns. In some places, these pins are also quite narrow, making it impossible for cars to miss each other.

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China. In the Celestial Empire there is a tunnel called "The road that does not forgive mistakes." The road was built by hand by the inhabitants of Henan province right in the cliff about 40 years ago. It took several years to create a tunnel 1200 meters long. The height of the road in the rock was 5 meters, and the width was only 4. The outer wall of the tunnel is made up of huge windows, the size of which allows a car to pass through. So a gape driver has every chance to fly off the road at high speed straight into the abyss.

Trollstigen, Norway. In Norwegian, the name of this road is translated as "troll ladder". The path lies up the mountainside to a height of 858 meters. It is noteworthy that vehicles longer than 12.4 meters are prohibited from entering this road. Indeed, the width of the track in some sections is only 3.3 meters. In winter, the road is generally closed for everyone. The track has 11 pins-turns. After overcoming them, the driver will receive a beautiful view from the top of the mountain to the Stigfossen waterfall and local fjords as a reward.

Leh-Manali Highway, India. The Indian highway runs through the Himalayas, connecting the cities of Manali and Leh. The road was specially made so that tanks and other military equipment could move along it. It is noteworthy that the highway passes through several highest mountain passes at once. The highest of them, Taglang La, is 5325 meters above sea level. The total length of the road is 479 kilometers. At the same time, the difficulties in moving along it are not only a complex landscape, but also frequent landslides and snowfalls. Authorities only allow driving on the Leh-Manali Highway in summer.

Col de Turini, France. This road runs in the southern part of France, runs through the Alps. The highest point is at an altitude of 1607 meters. Although the track is only 30 kilometers long, it accommodates 34 difficult hairpin turns. Col de Turini is considered to be one of the best tracks for racing drivers, as there are practically no straight sections on it. That is why the road once became part of the famous Monte Carlo Rally. There is a similar track in Ukraine. Thus, the road from the top of Mount Ai-Petri to Yalta also abounds in sharp turns. This extreme track also has its own rally race.

Iroha-zaka winding road, Japan. The road runs through the picturesque Japanese Nikko National Park. The track has 48 sharp turns, and this number was not chosen by chance. After all, exactly 48 hieroglyphs were in the ancient Japanese alphabet. And the very name of the road is directly related to the very first hieroglyph in the alphabet - "i-ro-ha". Curiously, the Iroha-zaka winding, just 800 meters long, is used exclusively for descending. To climb the mountain, you will need to drive along another road, which, however, has the same number of turns.

Hana Highway, USA. This road is considered one of the most picturesque in the world. The track runs along the coast of the Hawaiian island of Maui. The 60-kilometer road has 600 bends and 54 bridges. Driving along this colorful road, you can see both the jungle and excellent Hawaiian beaches with red or black sand. The road passes several waterfalls, passing along it you can even see the old extinct volcano Haleakala.

Halsema Highway, Philippines. The second name of this highway in the Philippines is Baguio-Bontoc Road. It runs through the Cordillera Valley on the island of Luzon. The difficulty in overcoming the road is that almost the entire 250-kilometer highway is filled with a thick layer of mud. This is due to frequent rains and constant landslides. Local motorists spend at least 10 hours to cover the entire distance. The speed here is not limited at all by signs or policemen at turns, but by slippery surfaces and steep cliffs. There are no bumpers on the road.

Atlanterhavsveien, Norway. In translation, the name of the road sounds like "Atlantic Road". It runs along the western coast of Norway, bordering the Arctic Ocean. This track is the most unusual on this list. Although the road is only 9 kilometers long, there are 8 bridges that connect 8 islands. The Atlantic Road was built in 1989, using the latest technology to resist the frequent tornadoes here. That is why the bridges look somewhat unusual, resembling some kind of futuristic attraction.

M56 "Lena", Russia. In Russia there is a highway, which is called nothing else but "the highway from hell." The M56 “Lena” highway has a length of 1235 kilometers. It lies between the cities of Yakutsk and Nemer, along the Lena River. Most of the track has no asphalt surface at all. That is why heavy rains in spring and autumn erode the road considerably. As a result, the dirt practically does not allow transport to move. The resulting traffic jams stretch for tens of kilometers.

Lombard Street, USA. The only city road on our list is located in San Francisco. It is officially recognized as the most winding street in the world, being listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Lombard Street gained worldwide fame thanks to its 400 meter plot in the Russian Hill area. There are as many as 8 sharp turns, and the incline is 27%. You can move on the one-way Lombard Street at a speed of no more than 8 km / h.

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