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Desserts are an adornment for any meal. Only the most dear people can afford them, the rest can only read about it.

Diamond cupcake. At Christmas, many of us strive to spend time with our family, enjoying a good holiday meal and spending money on gifts. But how many will be brave enough to shell out $ 1.65 million for a cake? This can only be afforded by the owners of an impressive bank account. It was on them that the confectioner from Tokyo was apparently counting on, deciding to create such an expensive dessert. The chef has put up his cake at a Christmas auction called "Diamonds: A Wonder of Nature." The design of the cake took six months, and preparation for sale took another month. There are 223 small diamonds spread over the entire surface of the dessert. Except for them, the rest of the cake is completely edible. Buying such a cupcake can also be a good gift for your wife. What woman doesn't like such an abundance of diamonds, even if they are glazed rather than set in gold?

Arnaud Strawberry. In New Orleans, there is a famous restaurant that celebrated its 90th anniversary not so long ago. Guests of the establishment can order a dessert here, proudly bearing the title of the most expensive in the world. The cost of the sweet is $ 1.4 million. For this money, you can taste six strawberries pickled in port, decorated with mint leaves and covered with the most delicate cream. But the main value of the record holder is given by the ring with a 5-carat pink diamond, once in the possession of the English financier Sir Ernest Cassel. The chef of the Arno restaurant prepares an exclusive delicacy by prior special order. If suddenly there is a gourmet who wishes to taste such a dish, then he will be provided with a special booth, in which he will personally play a jazz group. Together with dessert, a unique set of wine is served, the separate cost of which is about 25 thousand.

Platinum cake. And this dish was created in faraway Japan. Local chef Nobue Ikara created a cake made of platinum rings for a small price of 130 thousand dollars. This cake is perfect for a couple in love. It is adorned with white glaze and draped with platinum jewelry, including chains, necklaces, pendants, pins and even foil. Icarus dedicated the cake to many women, trying to convince them to wear platinum. The cake was shown at Platinum Guild International, which boosted jewelry sales despite record high prices. The cake itself was never bought, because it costs much more than many can afford. The future owner will be able not only to taste the platinum dessert, but also to vilify some of its parts.

Frrrozen Haute chocolate. This original dish is on the menu at Serendipity 3 in New York. The price of such a dessert is 25 thousand dollars. Creamy ice cream accompanies a platter of as many as 25 cocoa varieties, garnished with whipped cream and a tiny "La Madeline au Truffle" chocolate from Knipschildt Chocolatier. Only a half-kilogram bar of such chocolate itself costs about $ 2,600. All the food is served in a glass decorated with a gold border, a gold spoon decorated with diamonds. Ice cream also contains 5.7 grams of edible 23K gold! Naturally, an order for such an expensive dish must be made in advance. It is assumed that at the end of the absorption of the culinary ingredients of the dessert, it will be possible to take away everything else as a keepsake, along with a spoon. Chef Stephen Bruce says that the design of the dessert itself took a long time, only the development of the spoon took three months. Chocolate in 2007 hit the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive dessert, but since then it has been surpassed several times.

Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence. This dish has recently appeared on the menu of the Wine3 restaurant at the Fortress Hotel in Sri Lanka. The cost of the dessert is 14.5 thousand dollars. This treat looks more like a work of art than food. The miniature sculptural composition is a chocolate figurine of a fisherman, decorated with 80-carat aquamarine. The dish includes chocolate, exotic fruits and Irish cream. The fisherman himself stands on stilts, also carved from sweets. True, such an original design of the dessert has not yet attracted buyers to it. Fishing in Sri Lanka is a very popular pastime, which led the culinary experts to create such a masterpiece.

Haute Couture macaroons. Such cookies are not uncommon in the world, they are two bisets, between which there is butter cream. In France, they are very popular and you can find this delicious dessert at a fairly affordable price. However, French pastry chef Pierre Herme has decided to create a new type of biscuit, more sophisticated and expensive. This dish made its creator famous outside the country. The biscuits contain delicate chocolate cream mixed with cream, fleur de sel sea salt and balsamic vinegar, red wine and peanut butter. However, at the request of the client, the composition of the ingredients can be changed. The price for such a dessert starts at $ 7414 and can reach tens of thousands, depending on the complexity and preferences of the customer.

Sultan's golden cake. This dish is offered to its guests by the Ciragon Palace Kempinski hotel in Istanbul. In addition to traditional oriental dishes for the country, you can taste real gold here. Turkish chefs make an unusual golden cake in 72 hours. It is a bar of edible gold, garnished with black truffles, apricots, pears and dates, marinated in Jamaican rum for two years. At the top is 24-karat gold leaves, French vanilla and caramel. When serving, the cake itself is not placed on a plate, but on a handmade silver box with a gold seal. As a rule, such an expensive dessert is ordered on the most solemn occasions - for a wedding or for the Sultan himself.

Extraordinaire cake. If you suddenly find yourself on the East Coast of the United States, you can try to order yourself this dessert, which costs a thousand dollars. The cake is sold at Brлеlée's restaurant in Atlantic City. But this cake is unusual, it is made from dark chocolate, which is covered with Italian hazelnuts. A scoop of ice cream is served with it. Along with a sweet dessert, customers are invited to taste a very expensive port, Quinta do Novel Nacional. For gourmets and spenders, a whole package of services is offered. For 15 thousand, a dear guest will be able to spend the night at a local hotel on Valentine's Day, spend time together at a romantic dinner, having tasted the legendary cake.

Sande "Golden Abundance". The already mentioned restaurant "Serendipity 3" can offer one more tasty dish. This sundae can be enjoyed in New York on its 50th anniversary, and the dessert will cost not $ 50, but $ 1000. The restaurant claims that only one dish is sold per month, but that's better than nothing, right? Ice cream is known as the most expensive in the world in the world. It includes 5 servings of Tahitian vanilla mixed with Madagascar vanilla and Venezuelan Chuao chocolate, topped with edible 23 carat gold. Other ingredients include gold dragees, Parisian candied fruits, marzipans and truffles. On top of all this splendor is one of the most expensive chocolates in the world - Amedei Porcelana, and a sugar flower. At the top of the ice cream is caviar sweetened with passionfruit, armagnac and dyed golden in a small bowl. To fully match the style of the dish, a golden spoon and a Harcourt crystal goblet are served. Sande's popularity was so great that it became an integral part of the Studio 30 series.

Vintage chocolate. Collectible chocolate from Noka Chocolate will cost $ 854 per pound. The company has become famous for its quality product, known all over the world. Noki uses different types of cocoa from exotic locations such as Venezuela, Ecuador, Trinidad and Ivory Coast. The sweets presented in the Vintage collection are created entirely from dark varieties, in which at least 75% cocoa. For those new to this level of chocolate tasting, Noka offers several options, all created according to different principles. Each box of expensive dessert is packed in accordance with the classic rules of the company.

Chocolate Variation. Where else can you taste Italian cuisine than in Bangkok? It is there, in the Lebua hotel, that the Mezzaluna restaurant is located, which offers an expensive chocolate dessert. Not everyone can shell out $ 640 for such a dish. However, the high price has its own explanation. Chocolate has entirely exclusive ingredients. For example, the sherbet is made from Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2000 champagne, the leaves are made of edible gold, the crème brлеlée contains Perigord truffles, and strawberry mousse is attached to a piece of chocolate cake. The dessert is accompanied by a drink - a glass of expensive and rare Moyet Tres Vieille Grande Champagne No. 7.

Madeleine truffles. In the state of Connecticut there is the city of Norwalk, which was famous for its unusually tasty truffles. They are prepared by the Knipschildt Chocolatier confectionery, and the price of the dessert reaches $ 250 per piece. Madeleine truffles are made from the freshest Valrhona cream and chocolate, covered with cocoa powder and vanilla chips. To prepare exquisite truffles, it is not enough to devote a lot of time; it also takes care. After all, liquid chocolate must be thoroughly whipped, turning it into a delicate and soft cream. Madeleine truffles must be ordered in advance and are served in a silver box with a gift card.

Imperial cake. This dessert has one of the richest histories. It can be enjoyed at the Imperial Hotel in Vienna for $ 63. According to the legends, the cake was first created in 1873, in honor of Emperor Franz Joseph, exactly for the opening of the hotel. The dessert is decorated with almonds, marzipans, cream and milk chocolate glaze.

Frozen dessert Semifreddo. While in Manhattan, check into the Waldorf-Astoria for a famous treat at the Peacock Alley. They offer a frozen semifreddo dessert, garnished with edible gold leaves, biscuit crumbs and a head of vanilla foam with truffles. At first, the dish was a highlight of the restaurant for select guests, but its popularity has led to its inclusion in the main menu. Gourmets are not intimidated by the $ 50 delicacy.

Chocolate balls with filling. It seems that soon the most expensive desserts in the world will be prepared in Dubai. In the meantime, local chefs are only trying their hand at high fashion food. At the local Burj Al Arab, guests of the Al Mahara restaurant can order a very exquisite and delicious dessert - small chocolate balls filled with fruit. At the same time, they must be eaten in a special way - pouring warm chocolate from a special fountain. A stream of warm sweetness melts a thin layer of balls, revealing their filling - soufflé of lemon, mango and passion fruit. The minimum cost of a dessert starts at $ 48.

A handbag made of chocolate. Paris is recognized as the capital of fashion. Here, even desserts in restaurants are considered a kind of accessory. For example, at Le Bristol you can order yourself a handbag made of chocolate. You won't be able to wear it, but you can taste it completely. For only $ 43.5, you will be able to find out that a filling of mint cream and raspberry sauce is hidden inside the chocolate delicacy.

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