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Meaning of the name

Elizabeth translated from Hebrew means "God's oath", "vow to God", "worshiping God."


The first impression about Liza is a playful and restless creature, a kind of smart and cute imp, whose obedience is counted in minutes. Everything she needs, everything she needs to know!

In the classroom, Lisa is loved for her cheerful disposition and ability to be friends. Together with her girlfriends, for the company, Liza will attend cutting and sewing, knitting circles, the knowledge gained is enough to dress her doll. However, in the adult life of Elizabeth, they also knit with pleasure.

She really wants to seem better than she is, and this pushes her to extravagant acts, which she herself will soon regret. Self-loving, impulsive. She also constantly thinks that people treat her worse than she deserves, so she often enters into conflicts with some of them. There is a little fussy.

She prefers exact sciences, tries to lead in the women's team, but with friends and family she is soft and responsive.

Peace in the family is very important for Elizabeth's mental well-being. For this, she is ready for much. She is not annoyed by her husband's relatives, she calmly endures their frequent visits, lives in peace with her neighbors.

She is thrifty - for fear that her husband will one day be unhappy that her favorite salad is not on the table. Work, girlfriends, entertainment are in the background for Elizabeth. In his youth, he is unlucky in love, happiness comes with age, in remarriage.

These women know how to give orders and, when necessary, turn out to be very dexterous. With great self-importance. Perfectly adapt to circumstances. Even when it seems that everything is lost, do not lose their presence of mind.

The Elizabeths do not always say what they think and do not always do what they say. They are very balanced, not influenced. Do not be fooled by their meek appearance - they will try to lead you astray with ambiguous hints. Do not forget that these are nimble and cunning foxes.

Will is strong and well organized. In order to better protect their interests, they are ready to pretend that they do not understand what you are talking about, or can not fulfill what you require of them.

The reaction is somewhat slow, which, however, does not prevent them from reacting with lightning speed if necessary. Deep down they believe in their lucky star. Their imagination is inferior to intellect, although they try to pass off other people's ideas and thoughts as their own.

We got used to bringing our undertakings to the end. From childhood, Elizabeth learned the habit of figuring out what they are working for. They are interested in new technologies, especially electronics, and they make great TV and radio reporters. Sometimes, in a rush of frankness, they can admit that they would like to become investigators and even scouts.

Developed intuition allows them to choose their surroundings well. They have a deep analytical mind. They are ruthless and meticulous observers, but curiosity can lead them too far.

Elizabeth has the gift of getting to know people quickly. In case of any disputes or conflicts with Elizabeth, do not try too actively to influence her emotions. She will be able to understand you much better if you are logical and calm.

But while working under her supervision, do not forget that she is unlikely to think about rest for her employees. If you do not take care of this yourself, you risk completely losing your free time.


Elizabeth is delicate and feminine, somewhat sentimental, loves love in love. She has good intuition, on which she tends to rely too much, and, alas, is often deceived.

Sex for Elizabeth is the art of enjoying life, which brings great joy. Her sexual behavior is not always stable, it largely depends on the mood and experience of the partner.

Elizabeth remembers a man with whom she manages to achieve complete mutual understanding for a long time, even after many years, and in moments of intimacy with a partner can see in front of her the other with whom she experienced unique moments of highest pleasure.

Elizabeth does not like rough caresses, pressure, impatience, abrupt ups and downs, for her it is also important how the intimacy ends; she feels hurt if the partner, the next second after the climax, turns to the wall and falls asleep. She easily meets the desires of a man, she can even take the initiative herself, seeing the partner's indecision.

Elizabeth is not afraid of direct conversation about sex, unlike many other women, she is not shy, discussing some intimate details and calling things by their proper names.

Outwardly, Elizabeth does not look sexy, but in the arms of a man, she blooms and opens up to his caresses.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Cancer.


The sound of the name Elizabeth gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, simple, smooth, round, kind, light, gentle, brave, cheerful, slow, joyful.

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