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The first comics appeared in the XVI-XVII centuries, but their golden age was the last, XX. The simple plots of these stories are easily filmed, giving rise to a whole series of spectacular films.

Comics in our country are not as popular as in America. In the morning in specialized stores, queues of fans are formed, wishing to replenish their collection with a new book, purchased at a discount.

But comics were invented in Europe! But today the States have become their "Mecca". It was there that the most famous comic book characters appeared, some of whom became heroes of spectacular and exciting films.

Superman. This character was born in 1932 thanks to the writer Jerry Siegel and the artist Joe Schuster. Clark Kent turned out to be the last surviving person from the lost planet Krypton. Endowed with unnatural powers, he became the first comic book superhero. Superman has become a cult character for teenagers, philosophers and cultural scientists have studied his phenomenon. Umberto Eco himself studied how the story of this superhero affected world culture, the writer paid special attention to the magical abilities of the hero. The story of Superman was repeatedly filmed, serials were filmed about him, the continuation of the story. It's no coincidence that in 2011 Superman became the first on IGN's list of the 100 Greatest Comic Book Heroes.

Batman. And this iconic character of our time was created by Bob Kane, first appearing on the pages of the magazine "Detective Comics" back in 1939. And in recent years, director Christopher Nolan has given history a second wind with a series of powerful Batman films. And in this case, no one can assume that the hero lives a double life. But if Clark Kent was an office clerk, then Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. If Superman defeats criminals with the help of unusual abilities and physical strength, then Batman has to rely only on his mind, will and knowledge of martial arts. It's good that the superhero found helpers - butler Alfred, who became the second father for Wayne's orphan, Robin's partner and Police Commissioner James Gordon.

Joker. Who said that comic book heroes should be positive? The Joker has managed to become a real legend of this genre and a favorite of numerous readers. The popularity of the character was facilitated by the story of Batman, in which the hero did not dare to kill his enemy. On the other hand, the evil genius was brilliantly played in 1989 by Jack Nicholson and in 2007 by Heath Ledger, who even received an Oscar for the role of this psychopath. And although the character is already more than seventy years old, nothing is really known about his past. It is known that a former patient of the Arkham mental hospital has tried on many masks. But only his sinister smile remained unchanged, frightening, but also intriguing.

Hulk. Today, this name is increasingly associated with a star footballer. But he got his nickname in honor of the comic book hero. A fantastically strong creature was invented in 1962 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Since then, Hal has remained one of the most famous characters in the Marvel company. The hero's path seems standard - he has to fight the villains. In fact, loneliness, misunderstanding and internal struggle are hidden in the depths of the Hulk's story. And it all started with the fact that physicist Bruce Banner, in the course of his research, survived the radiation in the explosion, which turned him into a terrible monster. As soon as Bruce starts to get angry, he immediately turns into the Hulk. That is why the hero simply needs to learn to control himself. For half a century of the existence of the world of Marvel heroes, the green giant managed to fight both with numerous heroes and villains.

Spiderman. This story is especially popular among young people, because for the first time a teenager managed to become a superman. Until 1962, teenagers could only dream of becoming a helper for powerful heroes. And Stan Lee and Steve Ditko came up with the story of Peter Parker. His life was not easy - he lost his parents as a child, being raised by his uncle and aunt. Peter has almost no friends, he conflicts with peers and prefers the society of books rather than teenagers. But one day the guy's life changed dramatically - due to the bite of a special spider, he received a magical gift. The superhero learned to climb walls, use cobwebs, anticipate danger and fight dexterously. Many superheroes had mentors, but Peter Parker had to learn his special skills on his own.

Yellow bastard. The American writer and artist has created a whole series of comics "Sin City". There were no classic goodies, but the Yellow Bastard clearly stood out from all the inhabitants of Basing City. Roarke Jr. was a member of an influential gang, which allowed him to do evil with impunity. He even rapes minors, which he gets away with. But one day, the brave detective Hartigan saved one of Roarke's victims and shot off the genitals. Doctors managed to save the villain who fell into a coma, but he lost his previous skin color and got an unpleasant smell. I must say that the Yellow Bastard is the only color character in black and white comics. Perhaps this is what made him one of the genre's most colorful villains.

Snoopy. The cute beagle dog first appeared in the Peanuts comic in 1950. The artist Charles Schultz became his "father". The story about the adventures of kindergarten kids turned out to be so interesting that eight leading American newspapers immediately published it. But the comic owes its popularity to Snoopy. This loyal friend of eight-year-old Charlie Brown at first seemed like an ordinary dog ​​with primitive and simple thoughts. But over time, the hero learned to express himself with difficulty and even began to live his own interesting life. The dog appears either as a lawyer in court, or as a mysterious novelist, the authors entrusted Snoopy even with piloting a fighter during the First World War. And in real life, the image of a comic book hero was in demand. Snoopy's images can be found on T-shirts, notebooks and pencil cases, and he is also the emblem of the US Air Force technical unit. Many heroes do not even dream of such recognition.

Garfield. Thanks to its charm, this lazy cat has become everyone's favorite. And artist Jim Davis created the hero in 1978. Garfield quickly became a popular American hero. The cat is so bored that he has to constantly joke with others. At the same time, he especially does not strain. Therefore, it seems that the cat is surrounded by kind and cute creatures, albeit cheerful, but narrow-minded. So, Oddi's dog, who is endlessly in love with Garfield, gets only one kick from his neighbor, while other cats happily carry out all the orders of their "boss". And although Garfield's character is not easy, he cannot but like him. Who does not like an affectionate huge, and besides, a savvy cat? In addition, Garfield even got into the Guinness Book of Records as the most published comic strip.

Wolverine. In the list of the 100 best comic book heroes, this character takes the honorable fourth place. Wolverine is also consistently ranked among the best fictional and immortal characters. Readers first learned about him in 1974 in the 180th issue of the Hulk comic. Writer Len Wayne and artist John Romit Sr. came up with a mutant with superhuman powers. Wolverine has special regeneration abilities that allow him to survive severe injuries. There are three blade-claws in each hand of the hero. The fearless hero is fluent in hand-to-hand fighting techniques, he worked for the CIA and participated in both world wars. Since 1982, Wolverine has received his own comic strip. And since 2000, the hero has appeared in films - his image has already been embodied in six films by Hugh Jackman.

Captain America. This hero is one of the oldest, but almost the most popular. The story of Steven Rogers was invented by writer Joe Simon and artist Jack Kirby. Over the entire existence of Captain America in 75 countries, more than 210 million copies of comics about him have been sold. The very time of the hero's appearance, 1941, determined the character's patriotic spirit. He was often depicted as fighting the Nazis. Captain America became especially popular during the Second World War, but in the 1950s he was no longer so interesting. The comic recounted how a sickly young man, Steve Rogers, received a dose of an experimental serum that helped him achieve the maximum of his form for the benefit of his home country. The captain dresses in a suit the color of the national flag, and in his hands an indestructible shield. And although the hero did not receive superhuman strength, he is a perfect example of development, using strength, speed, endurance and reaction

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