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Everyday life quickly gets boring, everyone is looking for their own way out of it, something unusual and new. So beer producers are trying to diversify their product range and make it as unusual and attractive as possible.

If a 20-year-old boy chooses to drink several bottles of a foamy drink, then a respectable 40-year-old businessman is even ready to spend a large sum on 1 bottle of a rare beer. Let's get acquainted with the most unusual beer tastes.

1. Pizza-flavored beer was invented in 2006 by family couple Tom and Athena Seifurt in Illinois. They used their own brewery to prepare the drink. Beer named Mamma Mia! "Pizza Beer" includes, in addition to the usual ingredients, such as basil, tomatoes, garlic, etc.

2. It turns out that there is also beer that you can share with your four-legged friend. In Holland, a drink called Kwispelbier was created. The manufacturer positions it exactly as a beer for dogs. The liquid smells like beef, according to the idea of ​​the creators, even the most spoiled dog will appreciate it.

3. Pumpkin Ale is both sweet and spicy. In autumn, it is very popular in many places. The drink is produced by the Smuttynose brewery located in New Hampshire. In addition to pumpkin ale, there are many other drinks with an original taste in its assortment.

4. BANANA Bread Beer produced by Wells is one of the most delicious varieties on earth. The frothing liquid contains bananas, fermented juices and sorghum cereal.

5. It may seem crazy to many to mix beer and milk together, but the beer company Bilk found it a good idea. This drink contains 30% milk, lovers of this beer say that it has a normal traditional taste, but there is a light milky flavor.

6. For the most sophisticated gourmets, the American company Flying Fish offers a beer called Exit 1, which is brewed together with oysters.

7. For conservative ladies, there is also a beer. The Shanandoah Brewery decided to pamper the sweet tooth with an original drink by developing the Chocolate Donut Stout variety. It has a distinct taste of chocolate donuts.

8. Not everyone starts their morning with a cup of coffee, someone tends to drink a foamy drink. Dark Star Brewery has decided to combine beer with coffee, creating their own Espresso, in which the two are blended.

9. Japanese brewers decided to keep up with the exotic fashion. They came up with Tomato Bibere, a tomato beer that not only tastes like tomatoes, but also has a zesty bitterness from hops. The initiator of the creation of such a product was the owner of a famous Tokyo bar, and the product was brewed by Echigo Beer Co. The brewer claims that the beer contains only organic ingredients and is even healthy.

10. For those with a fierce taste in food, the Chili Beer from Arizona's Chili Beer Co. The composition of the drink includes many spices and herbs, for sure this beer will become the highlight of the hottest party.

11. Creme brulee is traditionally famous for its burnt sugar flavor. This taste was taken as a basis by the Americans from Southern Tier, who created the beer with the significant name Crème Brulee.

12. Beer should always be cold, most of us think. But the creators of the drink LaDragonne insist that their creation should be served hot without fail. This variety has a characteristic taste of honey and spices, and it is recommended to heat it directly in mugs, before serving.

13. For lovers of oriental cuisine, wasabi-flavored beer is offered. Wash your meal with Miya Mori's exotic Wasabi Dry for sushi and rolls.

14. Amendment Brewery has released its exotic product - its Hell High Watermelon Wheat Beer has a characteristic watermelon flavor. Many connoisseurs are attracted to this drink, in which the components of a sweet delicacy and beer are mixed.

15. Polish producers have also released an interesting product, their Wostynia beer contains mustard seeds.

16. An American inventor has created a completely new and unique concept for this drink - the Fried Beer. This extraordinary product (it is difficult to call it a drink) is a fried salty donut in the form of a ravioli stuffed with real beer inside, it turns out like a drink and a snack two-in-one!

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