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Beautiful natural phenomena have accompanied us since childhood, for some it was a beautiful sunset with a red sun, and for some it was long autumn night rains. Below are the ten most amazing natural phenomena.

Polar Lights. In some places, this phenomenon is also called northern. This phenomenon has an optical nature, while being one of the most beautiful in the world. The aurora can be observed exclusively in high latitudes, not far from the poles. Usually the northern lights are bluish-white in color, multicolored auroras are extremely rare. The cause of this natural effect is the bombardment of the upper atmospheric layers with charged particles, which move from near-earth space to the earth along the lines of force of the geomagnetic field. The duration of the aurora ranges from several hours to several days, forcing people to admire the beautiful pattern in the sky.

Ball lightning and lightning in general. Any lightning is a discharge of electric current, which, depending on the conditions, takes on various forms. Lightning is always accompanied by a bright flash and thunder, usually these phenomena accompany a thunderstorm. Regular or linear lightning happens quite often, probably everyone could observe it. The most amazing of lightning is the ball, earlier it was also called a fireball. This phenomenon is quite rare, in nature there are 2-3 ball lightning for every thousand ordinary lightning. Until now, the exact cause of the occurrence of ball lightning is not known. Cases were recorded when they appeared inside houses and even planes. And the behavior of these natural phenomena is also not fully understood. Ball lightning varies in color from fiery red and orange to yellow, and it usually floats in the air for a few seconds and then disappears.

Blue moon. Many do not even realize that the moon can have such an unusual color. Meanwhile, sometimes with high humidity or dustiness of the atmosphere, as well as other reasons, such an unusual effect can be observed. In this case, the moon can be painted in other colors. The most unusual of these are red and blue. Such a shade of the satellite is so rare that the British even came up with the proverb "once upon a blue moon", which corresponds to our "after the rain on Thursday." Ash and fumes contribute to the appearance of the blue moon. Once, in the course of forest fires in Canada, for a whole week, residents in the sky saw the moon of exactly this color.

Star Rain. Some call this phenomenon a rain of fire. In fact, no stars or fire fall from the sky. It's just that meteorites, entering the planet's atmosphere, heat up and burn up, creating a flash of light visible from great distances on Earth. Usually a meteor shower or rain is called a stream of meteors of high intensity, in an hour there can be up to a thousand pieces. In fact, a meteor shower consists of meteors burning in the atmosphere, which do not reach the Earth, but a meteor shower is meteorites falling to the Earth. Previously, these concepts were not differentiated, uniting them into one - "fiery rain". Interestingly, every year the mass of our planet is increasing due to debris from space "guests" and dust by an average of 5 million tons.

Mirages. Although these phenomena are widespread, they usually evoke a sense of mystical wonder. Many people know and understand the cause of the appearance of mirages - the change of its optical properties by the heated air, and the very light inhomogeneities that are observed by humans are caused. The origin of mirages has long been explained by science, but they still excite the imagination of people. The optical effect is based on a special vertical distribution of air density. Under certain conditions, ghost images appear on the horizon. Only now, people usually forget about scientific explanations, watching a miracle that is born right before their eyes.

Biconvex clouds. The scientific name for this rare meteorological phenomenon is Lenticular mammatus. The picture you see was taken in Joplin, Missouri in May 2005. Then such unusual clouds were observed by the inhabitants of the city. Such an effect is quite rare, so, in this area, the last time a similar phenomenon was observed as early as 30 years ago.

Lights of Saint Elmo. This phenomenon is as unusual as it is beautiful. The first witnesses were sailors who could observe these lights on the masts and other vertical pointed objects of their ships. This phenomenon looks like beautiful glowing balls that appear due to the high strength of the electric field. St. Elmo's lights usually appear during a thunderstorm, violent storm or blizzard. There have been cases when these lights even put out of order radio and electrical devices.

Gloria. To see this effect, you need to light a fire in the mountains at night, choosing the weather with low clouds. Then a halo will appear around the head, and your shadow will appear on the clouds. Such and such a phenomenon is called gloria. In essence, this is an optical phenomenon observed on clouds that are located below or directly in front of the observer at a point directly opposite to the light source. In the East, it is even customary to call gloria "the light of Buddha". The shadow of the observer is always surrounded by a colored halo, it is no coincidence that this was interpreted as the degree of his enlightenment or proximity to deities, in particular - to Buddha.

Fiery rainbow. It is called a rounded-horizontal arc for its resemblance to a flame, but the rainbow was not created by it, but by ice. For such an effect to appear, the sun must rise 58 degrees above the horizon, and cirrus clouds must be present in the sky. But this is not enough, the clouds contain numerous flat hexagonal ice crystals, it is necessary that they are located horizontally, thereby refracting light as one large prism. It is not surprising that a fiery rainbow is an extremely rare phenomenon; it looks very mesmerizing in the sky.

Belt of Venus. Shortly before sunrise, when it was still twilight, and immediately after sunset, the sky above the horizon was partially colorless and partially pink. This effect is called the belt of Venus. A colorless strip between the blue sky and the already darkened phenomenon is common, it can be seen even aside opposite the Sun. The blueness of the sky can be explained very simply - it is reflected in the atmosphere by sunlight. But the appearance of the belt of Venus is explained differently - this is how the light of the Sun, which rises or sets, is reflected in the atmosphere. It was at this moment that the star seemed to be reddened. The belt of Venus can be seen anywhere with a clear horizon.

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