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The word robot was coined less than a hundred years ago by the Czechs Karel and Josef Czapek. With the development of technology, people began to dream of how mechanized creatures would help in everyday life, including shopping. It turns out that the world's first vending machine was created in the 1st century A.D. the great scientist Heron of Alexandria.

Such an apparatus took a coin inside, dispensing a portion of water. Nowadays, the history of vending machines dates back to 1888. Then the first cars selling chewing gum appeared at the New York station. In our country, a similar event dates back to 1932, when the first Soviet automatic carbonator selling soda appeared in the Smolny canteen in Leningrad.

Since then, we have become accustomed to vending machines. Robots exchange tokens and money with humans, accept glass containers and issue orders from online stores.

Today, young people no longer dream of a self-assembled tablecloth, but of an ATM pocket. We will tell below about the most unusual vending machines that offer unique products.

Live crab vending machine. Crabs in China are not as exotic as ours. Therefore, the demand and consumption of such a product is quite high. But how to sell them, because the creature pulled out of the water will rather quickly die and disappear? Special vending machines, which were installed not so long ago in China, come to the rescue. These machines work at metro stations in several major cities at once. The buyer has the opportunity to receive their crabs in a "sleeping" state, they are stored at a temperature similar to that of a household refrigerator. And live crabs cost from 1.5 to 7 dollars apiece. Every day such a machine sells up to 200 units of its products. In this case, in the case of the release of a dead animal, compensation is provided in the form of three live ones.

The umbrella machine. No less originals than in China live in Japan. They took care of the problems of a passenger who suddenly forgot an umbrella in a subway car or at home. How to hide from rain and snow? In this situation, an umbrella vending machine comes to the rescue. They say that such devices also appeared in Great Britain, because there is frequent precipitation, which means that the problem of umbrellas is as relevant as nowhere else.

Electronic librarian. Today, technology is marching hand in hand with culture. Canada proves this, where an automaton appeared in the central library. Without any presence of an employee of the establishment, he gives out to visitors the books, videos and computer disks ordered by them. And to use such an automated system, you only need to insert a library card into its receiving part, which now appears in the form of a magnetic card. Together with the device comes an urn for the return of information carriers, which resembles a mailbox for parcels.

Vending machine for porn magazines. Many people are simply embarrassed to buy porno magazines from people, so machines are very useful. And the Japanese came up with using them. Such a vending machine appeared at the Meitetsu-Nagoya railway station, it enjoys attention from adults and teenagers who want to familiarize themselves with alternative literature with frank pictures. But the car opposite sells banal Asahi beer.

Eggmet. Chicken eggs are considered a rather delicate food product, which you cannot entrust to everyone. But it turned out that soulless glands can do this role quite well. In rural Japan, residents have recently been able to buy the freshest eggs from vending machines. For this, the product is purchased early in the morning from farmers. The machine costs 200 yen to pack eggs. $ 2 for 12 eggs is a lot by Russian standards, but for Japan this price is normal.

Car selling toy cars. What should parents do when bored and boring children make it difficult for them to shop? We urgently need to buy them a toy! A machine located at one of the metro stations in Milan can help with this. He offers to buy not only a variety of cars of different colors and brands, but also a Rubik's cube.

Vending machine for car sales. This vending machine displays a fancy smart car. Probably, the Italians inspired the Japanese to sell cars. But only in this machine you cannot buy a real car, like even a toy one. The device, on the other hand, provides everyone with information about smart cars, advertising products should help a potential buyer make his choice.

Hamburgeromat. Hamburgers are so popular in Europe that it was decided to make a whole vending machine to sell them. It is popular with those who prefer to eat on the go. After all, some even do not have time to go to a cafeteria or cafe. These people eat their donuts or chips right on the sidewalk. But with this hamburger, people can save time by buying food right there. At the same time, various options for sandwiches are provided, depending on their size and filling.

IPodomat. Apple is the best selling company. Its products are popular all over the world. Not so long ago, a special vending machine appeared at the Atlanta airport, offering the company's products. It will appeal to those who forgot to take their iPod with them or charge a portable device. Here you can buy mini and shuffle iPods, as well as batteries and even digital cameras. So Apple did everything so that the fan in flight would not be left without the products of his favorite brand.

A machine for the sale of soccer balls. The Chelsea Piers Sports Complex in New York City is home to a wide variety of sports. There are also traditional football players, soccer players, of which there are not many in the country, but there are. But emotional play often leads to balls flying far away. To keep the game going for a long time, Nike has installed a unique machine that sells soccer balls on the territory of the complex. They are called "Joga Three" and have a poisonous light green color.

Black box with hemp. While marijuana is being fought in most countries, America is gradually legalizing it. After all, there are a number of people who really need this tool. California was one of the first to allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The doctor issues a special card to his patients, which makes it possible to personally purchase drugs legally in special pharmacies. And if there is a queue, or the institution is closed for the night, then Los Angeles has a device designed to solve this problem. The official marijuana consumer can buy it from the black machine. The identification of the patient is carried out using his fingerprint. In total, there are three such machines installed in the city, but they work around the clock.

Bicycle mat. Unlike the joke machine that sells sports cars, this vending machine is serious. She rents out bicycles and gives out a candy or a candy bar instead. There are already several tens of such unique machines in the world. They were installed in 2007 in the parks of the most cultured countries. Bicycles, rented through a special rather big hole, have an RFID chip. Therefore, they are well protected from theft. You can ride the vehicle until the next machine, where the bike is returned.

Manicure machine. Even in Taiwan, a pink automaton can attract a woman's attention. This street car also performs an important function - it prints patterns on women's nails. You just need to select a pattern from the menu on the machine screen, insert your finger into a special hole and wait. For just a dollar, the machine will do the job of a manicurist. Even if not as professional, but faster and cheaper. Among the residents of Taiwan, such a service has found its admirers.

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