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Meaning of the name

Aram is translated from Armenian as "merciful".


From early childhood he loves the company of adults. Calm and flexible boy. He is not born the first child in the family, we are loved by everyone. Very musical, dancing well. Parents should pay attention to this. Attends various circles, likes to be in the spotlight. Outwardly he looks like a mother, but in terms of inner content - like a father. It is easy to study at school, has many friends, and is happy to help them.

Adult Aram is shy, not too decisive. Be sure to get a higher education, is serious about choosing a profession. Already at school he knows what he wants to do in the future.

Aram, born in winter, is purposeful, stubborn, too selfish. Has a sober mind. Quick-tempered, can be harsh. But it quickly passes, Aram does not remember evil. He is benevolent, does not give in to influences, and he himself knows how to influence others. Enthusiastic nature, knows how to enjoy life, brings a "fresh stream" to any team.

Born in spring, he is somewhat capricious, selfish. Often quarrels over trifles. However, he forgets about all the grievances when you need to quickly get together and make the right decision. Appreciates talented people, knows how to help them. The main meaning of his life is work. Aram is endowed with great willpower, courage and the ability to quickly respond to unpleasant situations.

An incorrigible dreamer born in the summer, makes far-reaching plans, harbors many ideas, but cannot realize them himself, without outside help. He needs like-minded people, devoted friends. And Aram knows how to find them. Easily wins the trust of colleagues, enjoys authority with them.

Aram is a born intellectual, intelligent and erudite, has good manners, is gallant and considerate with women. Has organizational skills.

Born in the fall, Aram is sociable, knows how to make a profitable acquaintance. He strives with all his might to enter high society and knows how to do it. Can be a good leader, respects the opinion of subordinates, supports all the undertakings of young professionals. Not afraid of competition, ready to help in the implementation of someone else's idea.

Aram belongs to the number of people who bring peace, stability, harmony to relationships. Aram marries early, is devoted to his family, loves children very much. He has children of different sexes. He knows how to cook perfectly and loves to feed his guests deliciously.

He prefers to live with his family in his parents' house; he has a very warm relationship with his mother forever. Aram's father is an undeniable authority.


Aram is characterized by emotional relaxedness, courage, he is not averse to taking risks, caring little about the consequences. Such is he in intimate relationships, if Aram laid eyes on a woman, he will achieve his goal. At the same time, he is selfish enough to follow his interests in sex and take care of his health, maintaining good shape.

Aram does not like the routine, does not like sexual encounters always occurring in the same way, according to a template, with constantly repeated caresses, the same words, poses. He shows great freedom of action in erotic play in preparation for intimacy.

Not every partner is able to fully accept his sexual behavior, but he is patient, does not get irritated, and gradually introduces her to what is completely acceptable to him. Aram adheres to the rule that the pleasure of partners should be mutual.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Taurus.


The sound of the name Aram gives the impression of something good, beautiful, kind, majestic, courageous, strong, loud, powerful, active, bright, joyful.

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