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Meaning of the name

Hmayak translated from Armenian means "charm".


In childhood, he often suffers from respiratory diseases, grows up as a restless child. Very emotional, easily irritated.

At school he studies well, born in winter is very inattentive, restless, stubborn. An addicted person, but cools down too quickly if he does not succeed in something right away. Attends many circles, is fond of modeling, mathematics, chemistry. He sings and dances well, participates in all events. Loves to draw, and he is good at it.

He is fond of circus art, very flexible and plastic. In adulthood, his character does not change, and one of his hobbies becomes the meaning of his life.

Hmayak, born in winter, energetic, temperamental, impulsive. Cannot be at rest for a second. Radiates cheerfulness. A lot of energy is wasted. Vain and ambitious, knows how to achieve what he wants. Attracts interesting, enthusiastic people. Devoted to his work. Has many friends.

Born in the fall - more collected, serious. He is fond of natural sciences, loves history. He plays chess well, analytical thinking is well developed. A good psychologist, laconic, knows how to listen. He loves society, can sit all evening in silence with a pleasant smile on his lips, studying the behavior of others. Forgiving to the weak, always ready to rush to their defense.

Born in the spring is an all-round gifted person. An excellent actor, quickly transforms. Has a sharp mind, loves humor. Cheerful in the company. However, he is too vulnerable, although he tries to hide it, considering this to be his biggest drawback. He does not know how to admit his mistakes, does not tolerate criticism.

Born in the summer - reckless, windy. He does not take his personal life seriously, he just burns it out. Easily tolerates failures, quickly forgets offenses, does not harbor evil. He is friends with everyone, but in the end it turns out that he never made real friends. He does not tolerate betrayal, he himself is faithful and reliable. He does not take women seriously.


This is a very amorous person, but in love he always wants to feel free and independent. He does not tolerate female sexual domination, he rather likes the female daughter type. There is a certain masculine strength in him that attracts the sympathies of the weaker sex. Failures of love almost never lead him to despair, but only cause a surge of new emotions and energy.

He attaches great importance to external factors, he is especially worried about his partner's good figure, and her tender body is the source of his constant delight. It is important for him how his beloved is dressed, with what perfume she is perfumed. He does not hide his feelings, pouring them out during love foreplay and in the process of sexual intercourse itself in hot and tender words, describing to his partner what feelings she causes in him.

Hmayak gets married either too early or very late. However, as a rule, marriage is happy. He is the darling of fate, he gets away with everything. Even love affairs (and there are usually a lot of them), the spouse forgives him. She understands: Hmayak is independent, and it is useless to fight this. Girls are born to him. Hmayak adores his daughters, but he leaves his wife to raise them.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Hmayak gives the impression of something good, heavy, courageous, cold, powerful, big.

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